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Hey guys. I have made a new fanfic. This one is shorter than my last one but it is an improvement. I'm actually very proud in how this one turned it. It actually is finish but I don't know if you'll like it so I'm not sure when and if I'll be uploading the other parts to it. But here are the Character descriptions as promised. If you wish to see the full story let me know in the comments and if you wish to be tagged let me know down there too. Y/N: I'm y/n. I'm 22 years old and I moved back from Hong kong about a year ago. My father had died 6 months prier. I had moved to Hong Kong after graduating high school and moved back to support my mother. After my dad passed she need some help with the house. She was getting quite clumsy and started getting hurt. I had a job to support but lost it because I had to call in sick to help her. I tried to keep it a secret from her but she found out. Now I know she has officially lost it, and I have to because now I'm moving in with an old high school friend and his new boy group members. And now I'm caught up in this big secret! Bangtang: Namjoon had to told the guys that his old high school friend would be staying with them. He had told them everything he remembered about her. And how she was the one that told him to follow his dreams before moving away somewhere. All the members were excited to meet her. But someone looked to interested but not enough to acknowledge it.
please tag me! 😊
please tag me 😊