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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1164 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He loved me, but couldn't tell me. Part 1/9!
Y/N’s Pov: You were living with you mom. After your dad had passed, she needed someone to look after her. You had lived with her for a couple of months now, and it's becoming hard to take care of her and hold a steady job. You had moved out of Seoul for about 5 years. One day while you were in your room reading and relaxing on your day off your mother came in. “Hey honey, are you busy?” You shook your head no, as she sat on your bed. “Sweetie I've be think lately and….I know you don't tell me about the bills anymore, and you've been taking many days off work to take care of me.” You turned to look at her. For the past two weeks you've called in ‘sick’ and have been hiding the bills from her. “Sweetie I know we can't keep this house, and I've been talking to someone, an old friend if you will.” “Oh god mom please don't tell me you're considering dating!” You took off your glasses and turned to face her. “Oh god no, not one of my friends, one of yours.” She said laughing at your reaction. “One of my friends? What and who exactly did you talk to?” You asked concerned. She may have actually lost it. “Y/n I'm growing old, I've talked to some people and I'll be moving into the local nursing home in a month.” You eyes widened and your jaw dropped. “I know you've lost your job, and I've been speaking with your old highschool friend Namjoon honey.” You exasperation changed from surprised to confused. “And what did you talk about exactly?” You raised an eyebrow. “ Well I’m selling the house, and you'll need a place to stay, and well” she pause looking up at you. “I've a ranged for you to be staying with him and his friends at their dorm.” “What! Mom, I can't live with Namjoon! I haven’t seen him in like 10 years! And I'll never be able to live with his friends either, no one likes me!”You said wired eyed. “Sweetheart you need to open up to people, maybe start talking to one of them, and Namjoon was the only one I remembered that truly cared about you.” She took a deep breath before continuing “if the couple that comes to see the house tomorrow likes it we'll need to be out in a week. Here's Namjoon’s number, talk to him.” She had put the piece of paper on your table and left. That was a two weeks ago, the couple had fallen in love with the house. I had packed my things and donated the stuff I didn't use to charity. Mom told me that Namjoon would pick me up in front of the house at noon, I made it easy and put my suitcases in the front at 11:30 and the couple was already moving stuff in. It was 1:30 and I hadn't seen Namjoon and already felt to embarrassed to go back in the house and grabbed my stuff and started walking. Jesus I'm moving in with you the least you could do is show up on time! Ugh I didn't even want to move out! Now I'm walking in the street going…..wait...where the hell am I going? You looked down at your phone and saw the time, 2:00! I've been walking for 30 minutes and didn't look where the fuck I was going! You needed to do something and fast before you get kidnapped. You opened your bag and started looking for the paper with Namjoon's number on it. You found the paper and called it, no one answered and you became annoyed. You messaged you mom and found out his address and started walking there. It was getting cold and soon started to rain you took out a coat out of your bag and kept walking, while walking you bumped into a guy. “Ah!” You fell and dropped your suitcases and bag. “Omg I'm so sorry!” He fell to the ground helping you put stuff away, he looked at your face and stopped, he honestly looked amazing the way the rain was in his face was gorgeous, not to mention his hair was an illuminating purple. He looks so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on. “I'm so sorry, I'm late and I can't find my friend!” He said coming back to his senses and helping you. Wait, his friend? “Namjoon?” You said quietly but enough for him to here. “'d you...” He was surprise then his eyes widened. “Omg, y/n?” You nodded me he fussed around to put your stuff in your bag then help you up. “Omg I'm so sorry I went back to your mom's place and you weren’t there.” He said and hugged you both of you are soaked at this point. “Here my cars this way.” He put you in the car and put your things in the back. He grabbed a blanket from the back and gave it to you. His car was nice, you haven’t seen him in years but he must be doing well, I wonder where he works, knowing him he probably turned into a CEO of his own company. He got in the car and turned on the heat. “I'm so sorry I fell asleep and didn't wake up, I was waiting for you bed to come in but it's gonna take another 2 weeks. I'll find something for you to sleep on though…” he stopped and looked at you. “You look so different, I didn't even recognize you” “Really? I feel like you've changed more than me.” You smiled to yourself very well knowing he was starring. “Haha, so how have you been, your mom only told me so much.” He said starting to drive. “I moved to Hong Kong 5 years ago and came back about 6 months ago. How about you?” He seemed to be surprised. “Hong Kong? Wow, well actually I'm in a boy group, me and six other guys are actually pretty popular. We've been doing tours everywhere.” Well so much for the CEO thing. “Really? What kind of group?” You asked “A pop group, we’re called Bangtan Boys, but we go by BTS. But hey we're all just really cool guys, you'll fit in fine.” He stopped talking and pulled over the car. “We’re here, I'm so happy we get to see each other again, and live together haha, oh!” He pointed to the house where a two guys came out, one was relatively tall and brown hair. The other had light hair with a grayish pink tint to it. “Come on let me introduce you” he got out and ran to your door helping you out. Oh boy.
Ahh this is so good so far I cant wait for the next one!
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