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So I was reading one of my books the other night and got this idea for a story. Thus creating an interesting twist to story time, smutty story time! lol
I also hoping that since B.A.P still has their conest going on and this is Jongup story (idk why he fit in this scenario in my head lol) if it still applies since it is a smut and not sure rules on that. its fine if not.
Anyway onto story, Warning Steamy scenes happening!

Tired from his long day he came home to his girlfriend's house hoping to relax and enjoy sometime with her. When he walked in she was curled up on the couch.
"How's my girl doing?" Jongup said after entering into the apartment. She looked up from the her book in her hands to him entering her place and smiled.
"Hi baby" she grinned.
"Reading?" He asked setting his Jacket on the edge of the couch and sitting next to her.
"Yup" nodding her hair slipped out from behind her ear and fell in her face. "I have about 30 pages left in the book" she looked over at him and smiled. "I'm right at the smutty part" she added. Jongup was just about to move the hair out of her face but at her words he paused.
"No shame" he shook his head, a smirk on his face.
“Hmm none at all. Should I read some out loud?” She asked looking over at him. A tint of color surfaced on his cheeks.
“I don't need to hear it” his words were stuttered as he looked away all of a sudden embarrassed by the idea of her reading that out loud.
“Oh nonsense.” She waved her hand.
“Really U/N” he shook his head.
“Fine either way I'm reading” she smiled sweetly at him.
Several moments went by of silence before she was letting out little giggles and making noises next to him.
Jongup had his hand covering his face, the fact that his girlfriend was right next to him reading smut had him feeling turned on the more he thought of it. What was she reading to make her so excitable. When her hand was caressing his thigh his concentration on relaxing broke
“okay what are you reading” he gave in and asked.
With no hesitation she started reading aloud.

"You have very sensitive nipples for a man, you know that?' He groaned and yanked at the cuffs fighting alternating waves of panic and lust. 'Speaking of nipples, I promise to make yours feel very nice if you uncuff me right this minute' she rested her hand on his chest 'I can do that just fine on my own thank you very much. As a matter of fact I'll let you help. She reached for the hem of her tank top and lifted the garment over her head.'" She read a paragraph of her book. Her hand was making small circles on his thigh driving him insane with a need to touch her. He was no longer relaxed but ready for some activity.

"No shame" Jongup groaned as his arm swung up to cover his face. "Of course my girlfriend likes reading smut to me" he let out a chuckle.
"I'm unique like that" She giggled.
"U/N your definitely one of a kind" his arm fell away and the look he gave her wasn't what it was a moment ago. There was heat in his eyes and it made her neither regions twitch to life.
"Its mostly because I'm reading when you came" she grinned. "I'm in the moment" she added.
"Yea? Are you going to play along with the book too?" He asked making her thinking about it.
"I would, but I don't have handcuffs" she smiled angelically at him. Jongup burst out laughing. "But other then that sure" she said pulling her shirt off. Jongup shut up immediately with that move and stared at her.
"So what's next then?" He asked gulping as she undid her bra and took it off.
"Well I think the next part has him licking her breasts, you should do that" she said positioning herself atop his lap. Under her bottom she could feel him growing thick.

"Keep reading and let's see" Jongup said as he placed his hands on her sides and stared at her breasts.
Glancing at her book she read the next few lines.
"Oh yes your doing it like the books says, how'd you know?" She said.
"No man could not look when there are a perfect pair of breasts in front of him" he said inching closer.
His tongue darted out sweeping against her nipple, making it hard.
"Read U/N" Jongup said around her nipple. Caught up in the sensation it took a moment for his words to compute.
"Read baby" he urged.
"Uhm oh He circled the firm nub with his tongue making her gasp with pleasure."

As she read he did what was being said, his tongue rolling her nipple around and sucking as his other hand played with her other breast. With a devious thought she started talking again, but not really reading.

"His hand shifted down to undo her pants, sliding his hand to cup her clit. Slowly he circled his thumb over her nub which made her gasp out in pleasure" she thought of what she wanted at that moment.
Jongup obliged her by doing exactly that and her gasp of pleasure was music to his ears.
"Doing alright there sweetheart?' Jongup mumbled as he looked at her. Her head fell towards and her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her book still in hand rested slightly behind his head.
"Perfect" she grinned
"You didn't follow the book" Jongup noted.
"No I didn't" she blushed at last.
His hand was still between her legs, his thumb circling her numb and when he inserted a finger in her it made her clamp up around his digit.
"Bad girl" he growled.
"You'll still reward me for it" she said shifting in his lap.
"How about you read as I work" he said.
"I can't focus" she exclaimed as the sensation in her bottom half had her not able to see straight
"Then I think I'll finish this up now" he gave her that sly smile of his as he extracted his hand. A whimper escaped her. "Then keep going my kinky girl" Jongup instructed.
"Uhm" she couldn't think straight.
"What next?" He encouraged.
Focusing on the words on the page my eyes widened.

"She slid down him and flicked open his buckle. 'Your pants seem a little tight, let me see what I can do to relieve some of the pressure' she slid her hands into his pants-"

"Do it" Jongup ground as his hands slid to my sides, she went willing when he pushed her down to her knees on the floor in front of him. A smile played on her lips as she undid his pants and then pulled out his cock, he was hard and jutting straight up. She licked her lips as her hand slid up and down his length.
"You read while I suck" she instructed now. The book laid next to him now.

"Her lips brushed him so softly he might have imagined it. He felt her tongue flick lightly over the tip of him-"

He made it through half the second sentence before he stopped as her mouth covered the tip of his cock and slid down. He was breathing heavily as she gave him a mind numbing blow job. When he was close to coming he pulled her away from his cock making her look at him.
"Jongup" she moaned as she moved up and Kissed him, a moan escaped her as she slid herself right onto his cock. She continued to move as she held onto him, so close, so close.
Her body shattered as he thrust. Once her orgasm receded he was still moving.
"I want you on you knees again my kinky girl" he said.
Slowly sliding off him she knelt in front of him as he worked himself until he spilled his seed on her breasts. Hot against her skin she gazed at him.

"You like my smutty stories just as much as I do" she laughed as she cleaned herself off with a towel her brought her.
"When it gets you in the mood like that, yes yes I do" Jongup chuckled. "Are you going to finish the book now?" He asked seeing her eye the book.
"I think I'll save the second half of that scene for a bedtime story" she grinned.
"Ah U/N my kinky girl, always wanting to make it last" he said
"A book never" she said sarcastically "sex, either" she winked at him.
"This is why I love you U/N, you just gotta be playful like that" Jongup said.


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The rule on smut was just to have enough warnings, so it's still a valid entry. Thanks again for entering!!
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