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Happy Birthday Our Little Maknae!πŸ’–πŸŽ‰
Whats up Blinkies?!
So, we did have an event that was supposed to be every day last week saying the 7 things we love about Lisa but because I was so sick I thought I would do it for her birthday today...

So why do I love Lisa?!

One reason is her smile. I absolutely love her little cheeks.

*Squishes them*

Another reason is that she is so pretty!

She could literally do any style and I guarantee that she would KILL it.

She is also SUCH A DORK.

Like SHE IS JUST SO CUTE and so honest with her reactions.

Her rapping SLAYSSS me.

One of the best girl rappers out there for sure in my opinon ;)

Any hair color looks amazing on her.

Like I could not pull off green or blue in my hair like she could T-T

She is so great with the other members that you can truly see that she loves them just as much as they love her^^

And lastly, because she is my bias!!

I couldn't help but fall for her adorable charm.
But Jisoo is climbing up fast. JICKEN NEEDS TO STOP.

Happy Birthday LaLisa!

I wish you many great things and I hope you had an amazing day! :*

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

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