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You HURT ME what AM I SUPPOSED to DO? HUH? Because one minute your stabbing me like Julius Caesar's 'best friends' on March 15 and now YOU are WORRIED about ME!?
9 months ago·Reply
OOH ah hell no after what he told me....Tae you better have a great explanation about this
9 months ago·Reply
I don't blame myself for ignoring Tae he's been mean
9 months ago·Reply
how the fck he gonna be that rude to her and then text her like he worried about her oh no don't play this game with me Tae Tae. (no lie in real life I'd cave and be like you're talking to me OMG! 😂😂😂😂)
9 months ago·Reply
Oh so now he's worried? Now I really need to know what happens next!
9 months ago·Reply
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