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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1326 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He loved me, but couldn't tell me. Part 3/9!
Y/N’s Pov: You didn't want to mess with Yoongi’s stuff because it seemed to be important to him. You fell asleep quite fast in Jungkook’s bed but when you woke up you were in Yoongi’s bed. You were tucked in so comfortably and didn't want to move, but you were so confused on how you got there. Jungkook’s bed was made firmly, maybe Jungkook moved me to sleep, I guess I should have picked Yoongi’s considering Jungkook was coming home. You made Yoongi’s bed and left the room, on your way to your room you bumped into Jimin almost falling till he caught you. You looked into his eyes, he’s just looked so perfect. “Haha, good morning to you too, how'd you sleep?” He placed you steadily and backed up looking at you up and down biting his lip. “You know you could always share a bed with me if you want?” “Thanks but I'm ok, and pretty good, where is everyone?” You asked seeing all the doors open and the couch empty. “Dining room, better hurry, you saw how much Jin ate last night.” He winked at you then went into the bathroom. You went to the dining room and low and behold everyone was there, and I mean everyone, even Yoongi, he must have came in and saw everyone eating so joined. You sat in the empty chair next to Jungkook and next to another empty chair with a plate full of food obviously being Jimin's’. Across sat Yoongi with Namjoon next to him. You tried not to look at him, he probably didn't like you moving in so you stayed distant. Everyone one was looking at you in aw. You begin to feel self conscious. “Woah” Hobi said with his mouth open. “Nice pj’s y/n, I don't think I've ever seen you in anything other than Jeans and a hoodie.” Namjoon said trying to keep his eyes from lingering. “Haha I guess I have changed” you did a closed eyes smiles. When you opened your eyes they were met by Yoongi’s. He had a slight pout on his face and was just staring and when you looked away you could just feel his gaze, maybe you should start putting on a hoodie after you wake up. After eating you helped Jin and Namjoon in the kitchen to clean and then went to your room setting up your desk. You sat in the chair and looked at the picture of your mom, dad, and you. You put it down when someone knocked on the door. “Come in!” You said. “Hey” Namjoon smiled seeing you sat there. “The guys and I are off today, so it's just a chill day if you need any help with anything we got you, k? Don't be scared to ask, I know how much you hate people.” “Hey!” You fought back “For your information I've become very much more open.” He raised an eyebrow. “Ok fine I'll ask” “Good!” He left your room and closed the door behind him. You spent most of the day cleaning and organizing. You definitely got a lot done and didn't really need anyone's help till the curtains started to fall, that's when you screamed and Jungkook and Jin came into help. It was around 2:30 when you had finished and you needed a nap. Tae and Hobi were playing video games on the couch so you went to Jungkook’s room. “Hey, uh Kookie?” You said lightly tapping on the door. “Haha yes?” He chuckled at the name. “Do you think I could nap in here, I uh still don't have a bed….” he nodded and sat at his desk. “How’s the curtain holding up? Not falling on you anymore, right?” He smirked as he talked. You laid there staring at him work. “It's doing fine, thanks btw, I'm not the tallest person in the world you know!” He smiled and looked at you. “I'm gonna go play some games with the guys, feel free to cover up, this room uh gets cold.” He was refusing to your pj’s. You weren't leaving anywhere and the guys would end up seeing you in them anyway. You fell asleep and woke up at 4:00, but not in Jungkook's bed, you were in Yoongi’s again. Jungkook must have taken a nap too. The night came fast and after cleaning up after dinner, you were again without a place to sleep. Jungkook was home and fast asleep, Yoongi wasn't home but you didn't want to mess with his space yet again. So you laid on the couch it was too hot for a blanket so you fell asleep without one. While sleeping,or waking up, you flipped over and turned to face the other direction. Something seemed off though, the couch seemed a lot bigger. You were too tired to care, when you woke up completely, you were in Yoongi’s bed again all tucked in. You honestly didn't care anymore he was never home to sleep in it so for the time being you'll sleep in his bed when he's not home. You'll make it and have it exactly how it is before you sleep in it. Since you and we're sleeping in the bed of Jungkook’s roommate you and him have been getting pretty close. Not only him but all of the guys. It's been about two weeks since you moved in now and they've defiantly opened up to you. They even wear their ACTUAL pj’s at night and in the morning now too. Most of them just wear basketball shorts to bed or just their underwear. You were heading to Jungkook's room and knocked on the door. Jungkook said come in and when you opened the door he was in his basketball shorts and looking through his moving collection. “Hey y/n, ready for bed?” He asked pulling out a movie then putting it back. “Eh, just wanna lay down, whatcha up to?” You said sitting in his bed. “Looking for a movie, wanna watch one with me?” He said holding out The avengers. “Sure” he put in the movie and sat in the bed where his back was against the wall facing the direction of Yoongi's bed. You were half way through the movie and your body needed to lay down so you started leaning. “Wanna rest your head in my thunder thighs?” He said chuckling. You nodded and laid on him, still able to watch the movie. H read surprised, probably didn't think you'd actually do it. “Hey kookie?” He hummed back. “How close are you to the others?” “Well, I consider them all my brothers. Yoongi and I talk about really deep stuff the nights we can't sleep, and we all get along great. Haha me and Jimin were actually talking about you, it's pretty obvious he likes you.” He started laughing and brushing his hand through your hair. “You're telling me, we take forever with the groupchat because he's always messaging me separately” you started giggling. “I don't know why he likes me though, I'm honestly nothing special, you guys have a lot of fans that are just gorgeous compared to me.” “Well Namjoon talked a lot about you a couple weeks before you moved in, how you used to be, your old classes, and stuff like that.” You smile and started to feel tired by the second movie you and Jungkook were laying in the bed and his arm was around your waist hugging you, and that's how you to fell asleep, but when you woke up the bed seemed different when you turned over you felt someone's breathing and your eyes shot open. When you saw him there you gasped and was about to scream but his hand cut you off.
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