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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Yoongi Length: 1274 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He loved me, but couldn't tell me. Part4/9!
Y/N’s Pov: “Shhhh, I'm not gonna hurt you.” His voice sounded raspy and honestly attractive considering you've never REALLY heard him talk before. “Yoongi?! Have you been moving me in your bed?” You asked whispering. His face fell into a smirk. “Yeah” he grinned. “Why?” You asked. He rolled his eyes and got up, Jungkook appeared to be gone so he locked the door. Then sat in Jungkook's bed facing you. “Well the first night I came back late and saw you sleeping on Kooks bed without a blanket, and with the stuff you wear to bed I was felt bad.” He stopped and ran his hand through his hair. “I was only going to cover you up and keep it like that, but um, Jungkook doesn't usually sleep with other people so I moved you to mine, and laid with you.” You were stunned you thought he hated you and wanted nothing to do with you. “The second night I found you in the same position but on the couch and well the night before I liked sleeping with you, sorry if I creeped you out, I just” he sighed. You didn't know what got into you but you got out of the bed and put a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at you confused and dazed. You leaned down to his level and kissed him. His lips were so soft and smooth. He rested his hands on your hips while you wrapped your hands around his neck. He licked my lip wanting entrance to my mouth, which I willingly gave him, before I knew it I was in his lap. We pulled away for air and panting. “You don't know how bad I wanted to do that.” He panted, he was giving you such a huger stare, and his lips were swollen and red from the kiss. He was so beautiful. Your thoughts were cut off from a knock at the door making Yoongi hold you close. “Time to eat y/n!” It was Namjoon. What time was it? “I'm gonna go out the window they don't know I'm home, I hid from kookie under the blankets” he said opening the window and putting his shoes on. “ hey come here” you walked over to him and he pulled you in for another kiss “and wrap yourself in a blanket babe, I don't want Jimin staring.” With that he jumped out and you closed the window. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?! You threw on one of Jungkook’s hoodies on and put your hair in a messy bun then left to the dinner table. You saw Yoongi sit down, he must have just “came in”, everyone sat in the same spots as usual. You pulled up the chair by Jungkook and it made him look up. His mouth dropped and he almost choked. You looked at Yoongi and he was giving Jungkook a death glare. “Y/n?” He coughed. “Woah” you smiled and sat down. The table was normal and it was like nothing happen after a while you were cleaning you felt someone wrap their arms around your waist making you jump and turn around. “You look nice in my clothes you should wear them more often.” Jungkook said so close still holding you. “Wanna watch another movie tonight?” You nodded and started to blush. Where's Yoongi? “Cool I'm going to the gym with Jimin and Hobi today, I'll be back at 4:00 the latest.” He gave you a hug grabbed another coat and left with the guys. You were stood there in shock. What the hell is happening? Guys never even looked at you, lead alone hug you. You sat at the island and started thinking. Jin and Tae were with Namjoon working on something for there new song and Yoongi was in his room. Jungkook was your best friend, he can't like you, and Yoongi? He just, woah. He's cold at first but once you get to know him he’s just a sweet squishy lovable guy. You sat there and wanted to feel him again, and you also wanted some answers. You stood up and walked to his room and knocked on the door. He opened it and smirked, he grabbed you by the arm and pulled you in. As he closed the door he leaned you against it and started kissing you passionately. You kissed back and wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer. He moved his hands down your body till he stopped at the bottom of Jungkook's hoodie and started taking it off you. Once it was off you moved your head away from his kiss causing him to hit the edge of your mouth. He looked confused, but so sexy. “What's wrong?” He said caressing your cheek. “I kinda wanna talk, I'm confused Yoongi.” He nodded and moved back. “Will you sit on my lap and talk?” You looked at him confused and tilted your head. “I wanna hold you.” You smiled and sat on his lap while he sat at the edge of his bed. “Why didn't you tell me? And why’d you leave the room this morning and not tell the guys?” You asked grasping his shoulders as his thumbs drew circles on your hip bones. “You never talked to me so I thought you wanted nothing to do with me. The first night I went to the club to just get a drink. All the other nights I went because I wanted to forget you, but I couldn't, so every night I came back early to move you to my bed and sleep with you. Namjoon talked about you so much before too, about all your flaws and perfections. He made you sound perfect.” He stopped to kiss you. “And the day you came I peeked around the corner and, well stopped. You looked so amazing, the way your hair was wet and shiny, your smile, everything.” “And why did you leave the room and not tell the guys?” You asked “Namjoon won't like me with you y/n…” you were shocked why? “He thinks of you like a little sister he never had. He cares about you, and I feel he won't accept us. Not to mention you have almost all the guys here falling for you…...I saw Jungkook hug you earlier...I know he has a thing for you.” He had a point to the Namjoon thing and you didn't really worry about the other guys, there all amazing friends, nothing more. “I will tell the guys when the time is right, I swear…..but for now….will you be mine on the down low?” You pulled him in for a kiss as your answer and after he held you close and laid you on the bed with him to cuddle. He started telling you about the feelings he got laying next to and how bad he just want to hold you. You were happy and relaxed with him. He is honestly nothing how you expected. About an hour later you needed to call your mom. As you left his room he kissed you and closed the door, while walking back Jungkook and the guys were back. You smiled at Jungkook and went to your room to call your mom. You told her about Yoongi but never said his name, you just referred to him as “one of the guys here”. One of the guys here that was now your.
omg! Yoongi is too cute 😍😁
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Its so good!! I'm soooooo excited to read the rest!
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