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well i honestly love it at the moment! the triangle is forming guys!! who are you going to pick kim tan or the other guy?! :P honestly Choi Young-do is a really mean guy! the bullying in korean dramas always is a step higher then other country dramas! its ruthless really! Young-do and kim tan! aww i love there chemistry and everything! i hope that they will be able to be friends again, but with the love triangle forming its going to be pretty hard, ): its cute that we see that he's showing care towards Eun-sang like when he said " you sleeping here makes me what to protect you" i was like awwwwwwwww but it sucks that this guy totally killed his friendship with kim tan when he knew he was a child of a mistress! bo na is definitely the cutes! like her awkward moments with kim tan Hahahahah, and how shes scared that kim tan is going to hurt his boyfriend! aww,,, i feel sad for rachel thou, we dont really see her as a person that have been receiving much love, so i feel sorry for her that kim tans going to break her heart, :( although, i, have, to, say, she is a tad bitchy.lol i really like this drama! but min ho hasn't done anything AMAZING yet! so i'll be watching! and him and his brother, aw, man, i legit just want to cry,How kim tans all like my brother! my brother! and his brothers like so cold hearted to him! There dad is nothing go either. from the ep 7 tralier we realize that he sent Eun-sang there, so that "100 more people can tell her why she can't be with kim tan" i am so gutted when i saw this! he didnt look like the evil type that wanted his sons to marry other rich girls, but wadda ya know. and everything else aswell is strange, why does dad and second mum sleep in separate beds, am i missing something, please feel free to tell me!
@monette sarcasm noted. lol
@yukias, really funny....
@kalyani6.. yeah.. either we admit it or not...at this point in time.. all we see is a cute but lonely LMH who is attracted to PSH.. while YD's character has it all.. there is spice.. family and friends.. and it's cute too how the arrogant YD was instantly attracted with the innocent CES.. hopefully LMH's character will strengthen so we could fully love him in this drama... the heirs fighting!!
@monette ! that is so weird! so kim tans father isn't close to kim tans mother, but they are able to make Kim tan! Hahahahahah, does anyone else realize how flippin funny that is lolololol
haha even i like to see that soft side of YD!! His character is freaking attractive to me than KT!!
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