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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Yoongi Length: 1034 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He loved me, but couldn't tell me. Part 6/9!
Y/N’s Pov: You were finishing up with your mom when someone knocked on the door. “Love you too mom” you said walking to the door. “Ok mom I need to go, bye” with that you hung up the phone. You opened the door and were greeted by Yoongi he came in quick and closed the door. “Hey Yoongi, what’s up?” You asked as he sat on the chair and pulled you on top of him and kissed you. “Are you gonna be sleeping in my bed from now on?” He asked with such a sweet face. “Yeah, well until I get my own bed, are you gonna be sneaking back into sleep with me?” He just nodded staring at you. “Are you listening to me?” “Yeah, but I just like how you look when you talk” he said smiling. You started blushing as he pulled you into a hug. “I feel like I can tell you any y/n, I just wanna fall into a deep conversation with you, I wanna know what's going on in that beautiful head of yours.” You and Yoongi sat there and talked occasionally kissing passionately. You learned so much about his past and his family. He even said once he tells Namjoon about us he'll take you to his mom and dad’s restaurant. He had so much he wanted to let out and he even cried. We talked like that for a week, he'd either sneak to my room or I'd go to his when Jungkook leaves. At night you'd stay up till he'd sneak back in bed with you. You even started listening to their music, Yoongi sat you down on his lap and had you watch two MV’s, Run and I Need U. You cried at both and Yoongi had to hug you from behind to calm you down. You honestly loved being with Yoongi, but hated having to keep it a secret. You also wanted to keep your stay with Bts a secret but that didn't take long. You and the guys started dancing together, and they even altered their choreography to 21st Century Girl. You liked it, but they insisted on showing their fans it with you. Their manager had said it was alright and today was the day...ok technical night. You woke up early because you heard some movement. Yoongi wasn't with you and Jungkook wasn't there either. When you opened the door all you saw was Namjoon and Jimin moving a bed into your room. “Look y/n! Your bed finally came in!” Namjoon said disappearing into your room. Once Jimin had moved you made eye contact with Yoongi. He looked upset. “Y/n!” “Yeah Joonie?” You said walking into your room. The bed was a queen sized and look so comfy. “Are you gonna need a bed spread? We have some extra for queens, also I know someone who likes you, well other than Jimin.” He said putting your pillows on the bed. “No I have 1, thanks for the bed,and really who? ” You gave him a hug. “When I'm done making it your managers actually having your makeup artist's take me out today, I guess they wanna prepare me for tonight.” “Yeah, I kinda thought they'd wanna do that, and well your pretty close him,Jungkook has taken a liking to you, and just let us know before you leave, k?” He said pulling away. You nodded and started making your new bed. Namjoon stayed and helped. Once you were done you hoped in the shower and put on some jeans and a hoodie with your favorite boots. Before telling the guys you were leaving you wanted to talk to Yoongi. You hadn't seen him or Jungkook so they both must of been in there room. You messaged Yoongi to meet you in yours and not 5 minutes after you heard a knock at your door. He came in and just hugged you. “I know, I'm gonna miss sleeping with you too” you said in his chest making you sound muffled. “Will I be able to just sneak in here to sleep with you? I honestly sleep best with you, and now you're beds bigger.” He said pulling away to look at you. “Yeah, but Yoongi when are you gonna tell Namjoon, he just told me Jungkook likes me?” You asked not wanting him to sneak out anymore. “Soon babe I promise, I want it to be at the right time so he’ll have to accept us.” You smiled and kissed him. “The girls are coming to pick me up so I'll see you tonight at the performance, I'll leave first make sure no one sees you.” He pulled you in for one more kiss and then you left he followed. The day with the makeup crew was actually really fun. You had actually made friends with them. They took you to get your hair and nails done. After they took you to get your legs waxed. You definitely felt more girly. After they took you shopping so you could wear it to night, and they had picked out a short red dress with a long red lace trail in the back. It was comfortable and easy to move, seeing as you needed to dance in it. They had picked cute red heels with it. No too tall about an inch maybe. I guess it helped seeing I was shorter than all of the guys. You had changed and they did your make up. Once done you looked in the mirror and woah. You have never looked better, now I’m usually not confident but damn, I look fucking hot. You were feeling confident, maybe a little to confident. You had shown up to the concert on time and you went backstage where you were met with the guys. They all had looked at you in aw, kinda like the first time you showed up to the table in your pj’s, but a lot more amazed. You started to blush and walked over to them. “Hey guys!” You twilled “what do you think?”