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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Yoongi Length: 1201 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He loved me, but couldn't tell me. Part 7/9!
Y/N’s Pov: “Hey guys!” You twilled “what do you think?” “Woah” Tae and Jin said in unison. “Y/n you look, woah just woah” Namjoon said looking at you up and down. “Are you um ready to perform?” Jungkook asked while him and Jimin staired. “Yeah, this could be a really cool experience.” You smiled and looked at Yoongi. He was dazed biting his lip looking at you. “Ok everyone!” The manager shouted. “Here we go, y/n you'll be on towards the end so be ready ok?” You nodded. They honestly did amazing. Every once and awhile they’d look over at you and smile, even Yoongi. It was your time. You had mentally and physically prepared yourself. There were a lot of people here and you did NOT want to mess up in front of them. It was going so smoothly. Your favorite part was when you were with Yoongi and Namjoon during their rap part. The choreography was honestly perfect. You were having so much fun. You just had to be ready for Jungkook’s slow solo part with you. “Oh everybody wanna love you” Jungkook held you close to him with his hands on your hips. You were moving them just like in the rehearsals. “Oh everybody gonna love you” he put his hand on your chin tilting it up making you stop. The crowd went silent from cheering but still clapping. “다른 건 걱정하지마, oh everybody wanna love you bae, everybody gonna love you bae” as Jin and Jimin sang ‘you derisive to be loved’ Jungkook kissed you and the crowd screamed. You stood there in shock and Jungkook just stood there smiling letting his hands fall from your waist. You were honestly in disbelief. Before you could process what was happening Yoongi had moved from his spot and pulled you off stage leaving the boys to finish the dance on their own. Yoongi was dragging you down the hallway trying to leave the building. You couldn't help the tears that fell from your eyes. Yoongi stopped in a corner when hearing the guys screaming his name. You turned around and you looked up at Namjoon his expression was full of concern. “Y/n?” He pulled you into a hug. Making you cry more but it was still silent. You had pulled away only when hearing Yoongi scream. “Why the HELL did you kiss her?!” He screamed pushing Jungkook back. Everyone was silent. Even though you and Yoongi were a thing you hadn't told anyone in Bangtang. For all they know you've never spoken to him before. “Well why did you snatch her off the stage, you don't even talk to her!” Jungkook shot back making everyone go silent once more. Is Yoongi going to confess now? “Did you not see how embarrassed she was?” Guess not “I wanted to get her off stage before Army's started throwing a fit about it. She doesn't deserve to be through that Jungkook!” “Enough!” Namjoon yelled pulling you into another hug. “Y/n’s obviously worked from this so let's drop it till we get home, got it!” You didn't hear anything so you assumed they nodded. They walked back to the stage to finish the concert. The drive home was awkward. Once home, you changed into what you were wearing this morning, the boys all talked and then Namjoon came into your room to talk to you one on one. Everything was cleared except for one thing Yoongi. “We’re going out dinner since it was your first performance, are you gonna wanna come?” He asked. You honestly felt bad for turning them down but you needed to think. “Well Yoongi isn't going either, so if something happens he’ll be in his room.” With that they left once gone Yoongi came into your room. You were standing in the middle of your room and leaped toward to hug you, when he did you pushed him away. “Y/n….what's wrong?” He said his face dropping. “Are you ok?” “Why didn't you tell them?” You asked holding back the tears. “Y/n…” he trailed off. “I couldn't ok, it wouldn't have been a right time.” “Oh yeah because having one of your bestest friends kissing your girlfriend on stage in front of millions of people isn't the best time to say, oh well actually I've been dating her this whole time and you really shouldn't of done that.” You spat in pain. “Well why didn't you do something?!” He shot back. “What?” You asked confused. “Jungkook held you close and you danced with him! He got so goddamn close and you didn't do shit y/n!” He screamed “Even when he kissed you you just fucking stood there!” “What the hell was I supposed to do I was in shock!” You screamed. Pain turning into anger “you should have told Namjoon and the guys Min Fucking Yoongi! Why didn't you!” “I was gonna fucking tell them tonight at dinner god damit! I didn't know Jungkook was going to fucking kiss you!” He yelled at you. “Well you don't have to anymore you piece of shit!” You screamed back and his face went from anger to hurt. “W-what?” He sounded hurt but you didn't care you wanted him but he didn't want to admit it. “There's nothing for you to tell Namjoon anymore” you said quietly but harsh. “Y/n wait I didn’t mean t-” you cut him off. “Wait just listen to what I have to say, I don't want it this way anymore! I can't keep hiding around like this! It's too hard Yoongi!” You couldn't help the tears that fell, you loved Yoongi but you couldn't keep this up anymore. “It wasn’t my fucking fault I fell in love with you!” He screamed the pain obviously getting to him. “Well then it's over! You don't need to worry about tell Namjoon anymore!” You stormed out of the house you heard him scream ‘fuck you’ as you slammed the front door behind you. It was raining hard and you were just walking. The rain blending I with your tears. You were just crying and walking thinking about him. You loved him so much. You dropped to your knees crying trying to calm down your breathing. You were thinking of all the nights together and all the sneaking around. You were sat there thinking, how the hell are you ever going to get over him, how did you find someone like him? How come you need him? You needed him in your life and would talk to Namjoon for him. What have I done? I can't lose the best thing that's ever happen to me. You started running back you needed to see Yoongi. You were across the street and you saw the guy's car in the driveway. You had started to run across the street without looking, but when you had look up, a bright light flashed and a loud beeping sounds was made from it. "YOONGI!!!" You cried before the light went completely black…
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