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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader xYoongi Length: 592 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He loved me, but couldn't tell me. Part 8/9!
Hey guys this chapter is kind short and also moved into Yoongi’s Pov. Thank you so much for supporting this fanfic and I hope you enjoy it. Yoongi’s Pov: “Fuck you!” He screamed starting to tear up as he heard the door slam. “Fuck you for being so god damn perfect!!” He sobbed walking back to his room. He was so heart broken. He was scared that his and y/n’s relationship wouldn't be accepted that he didn't tell Namjoon, and every time he tried he couldn't. Every time he thought of you he got all flustered in side. He sat at his desk just wanting to punch a wall as the tears fell from his eyes he stood up and screamed in anger knocking the papers off his desk. “Waeee!” He screamed “why didn't I say anything?” He cried “why…” He heard the guys get back and started cleaning up the mess he made so Jungkook wouldn't ask if he came in. He sat back at his desk Jungkook not entering the room once he started crying again. He took a deep breath and just thought about where you could be and what you were thinking. He loved you so much and didn't want this to happen. But he knew that if he had told Namjoon and he didn't accept it you would feel awful for pursuing it. He didn't want to lose you, especially like this, Yoongi stood and started to put on shoes and looked for his coat when he heard someone scream and then a car horn. His heart fell and he stopped dead in his spot only moving when he heard Namjoon yell. “Omg, CALL 911!” Yoongi said screw the coat and ran out side where he was in full on fear. “Y/N!” He screamed running towards you, Namjoon and the guy that hit you. “No no no no no please y/n!” “Yoongi get back man!” Namjoon said standing up as the ambulance drove up and ran out the car to treat y/n. “No Namjoon it's my fault she was running away, please I need to make sure she's ok!” Yoongi said not caring that he was crying nor making a scene. “Bro she's fine, and she wasn't running away she was running back!” He stopped talk and looked confused. “Stop Yoongi, why do you care!” “I fucking love her that's why!” He screamed cause Namjoon to stop and he calmed down. “I'm in love with her Joon and I was going to tell you but I didn't know how to!” He cried he truly loved y/n and needed her. Yoongi had stopped when Namjoon pulled him into a hug to calm him down. “It's ok man, it's ok, she'll be fine and I don't care if you two are together” Yoongi pulled away and looked at him in confusion. “If you truly love her I don't care, as long as you take care of her.” “Would one of you like to drive along?” The paramedics asked. “Go and be there for her when she wakes up, ok?” Yoongi nodded and hopped into the ambulance. He sat by you and grabbed your hand. He smiled to himself remembering the first day he met you and when he moved you to his bed to sleep with him. A single tear fell from his face and landed on your arm. “I'm so sorry..” he said stuttering.