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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Yoongi Length: 400 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He loved me, but couldn't tell me. Part 9/9!
Y/N’s Pov: You could hear people talking and someone warm hand holding yours. You had the worst headache and you were so cold. You opened your eyes and your vision still a little blurry. When it cleared up. To your side was Yoongi his head resting on the side the the bed and his hand holding yours. You saw him there and started crying. Is this real? Did I get the chance to say sorry? Am I forgiven? “Yoongi I'm so sorry…” you said in a broken whisper making his head shoot up. “Y/n!” He stood up and leaned in to hug you. “I'm so glad your ok y/n I swear that'll never happen again I am so so sorry!” He said in your shoulder. You held him close not wanting to let go. “I'm so sorry!” You said in his chest making him pull away. “No it was my fault babe I should have told Joon as soon as I started liking you, ok?” Before you answered the door opened. Namjoon came in and so did the rest of the guys. “And I totally accept you guys being together.” He looked behind him at the guys. “We all do.” The guys came up to you and hugged you the tears still falling. Jungkook had apologized for kissing you and everyone was fine. Yoongi had pulled you close and kissed you. “You're my secret y/n” he said then pulling you into a hug. After that day you and the guys were back to normal. Yoongi had gotten rid of his bed and moved into your room. Jungkook moved in with Namjoon and there old room turned into an office. Tae ended finding interest in a girl that worked at their fan signings, Minnie I think, and Jimin and Jungkook still had feelings for you but they started to turn into feelings like you'd have for your sister. Everything thing was perfect. “I love you, my little secret.” Yoongi said at there concert in New York. Yup I was Yoongi’s little secret, and he was mine. He eventually told the fans, and they accepted you and him together. There were something's that he had to explain but the rest, well, that's a secret.
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I'd like to thank everyone for there support and I'm whiling to suggestion on another fanfic in the comments. Can be any member of any group just give me a story plot. Thank you so much. 💕💕💕
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@BTSxEXO That's exactly what I was looking for. If you want go a head and DM me and we can discuss it more there, but I defiantly like the Leo fluff