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due to language, and sensual content
Reader & Jay Park

When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...

~(Y/N Pov)~


I woke up cuddling a fluffy blanket, and felt like I was laying on a cloud. When I open my eyes, I noticed I wasn't in my own room. I instantly sat up and checked to make sure my clothes were still on.

"So much for trusting me."

I jump as Simon startled me the moment he spoke. I pulled the blanket up close to cover my clothed body. Simon smiled and smoothly laughed at my reaction. He was laying on top of the covers, and looking up at me. "I didn't do anything to you, you know that. Especially since you are still dressed."

He sat up and petted my head lightly. "You hungry yet?" I just simply nodded my head, as I still process that I was laying on Simon's bed with him. "Then come on silly, lets go make breakfast together." He stood up and offer his hand to me.

I hesitated but I did take his hand, as he help me get out of him bed. Once I had stood up, he held me closely to him. Simon had his arm wrap around me, making my heart race. "You told me that you trust me. Yet you still got scared, like I did something to you."

Simon made me touch his cheek with the hand he was holding. "Y/N, You know I wouldn't do anything you didn't want me to do, without you're permission. My umma raised me to respect woman, and treasure them." I couldn't help but smile warmly at him, before he kissed my forehead. "Let's make breakfast together."

I hum in agreement, as we both just go from his room to his kitchen. I went on my own to check out his fridge. He had a lot of goods to choose from, allowing me to cook possibly any type of breakfast. Simon open the cabinet in the corner of the kitchen, to show a selection of cereals. He pulled out one, before going to get a bowl.

"Whoa hold up, that's what you're having for breakfast? Is that all you really eat in the morning?"

He looked over at the cereal before looking over at me. "Not all the time. Sometimes I eat some of the food my umma leaves in my fridge." I looked back inside the fridge and sighed heavily as I found the containers. "Oh boy..." I grabbed some fruits, potato, veggies, and eggs, and took them to the counter, next to the stove.

"Wait... you're going to cook breakfast?"

I nodded my head, as I got the frying pan out and started to chop the fruit and veggies. Simon watched me until I put him to work, and had him fix the fruit together in a bowl. I made veggie omelets, and serviced it with a side of mixed fruits. Simon just started at his plate, as he almost started to drool. "You can eat it, Kiseok oppa."

He looked at me and blinked, before a smile appear along his lips. "You know I really do like it when call me by my real name." He got closer to me, making my heart skip a beat. "You know I would like to see if you like my cooking or nah." He turn to look at the plate of food, and moved to take a bite.

Simon seem puzzled as he chew the bite he took. Looked around, as he got closer to me. After he shallow the bite, he look me in the eyes and smirked. He than lean in closer to brush his lips against mine. "The omelets amazing, but your lips taste way better."

I lightly pushed Simon away from me a good arms length. He looked down at my arm. "Y/N, you know my feelings for you. Yet, I don't know you'res." He held my hand to his chest, while giving me his puppy dog eyes.

"I honestly don't know if I have feelings for you that are more then the level of friendship. You are sexy as fuck I'll admit to that. But I know you well enough to know you're playboy ways. That in its self is a turn off."

Simon just blinked, as I felt myself losing my appetite due to the subject. "You admit to being attracted to me, but you only see me as a friend?" I closed my eyes tight, as I felt myself becoming more and more uncomfortable. "Um... I think its best I just leave. I don't want to end up saying something I will regret."

I pulled my hand free, being going to get my phone. Simon grabbed my forearm, and had me turn to face him. "Say it... cause you will regret not saying it sooner." I looked him in the eyes, and saw that he was being serious. Even though his hold was gentle.

"If there is anyone in AOMG that I have feelings for .... it Jay. I just don't trust myself with him. I may not have much experiences in the field of love, but I do know what heartbreak feels like... and I don't want to suffer that again."

Simon's eyes turn gentle as they seem to soften. His hand slid down my arm to hold my hand in his own. "You guarded well and yet that troll found his way through them. Damn he lucky." He petted my head lightly and kissed my head.

"That's all you had to say, y/n. I can respect and understand how you feel very well. And I am honestly going to be protective of you around Jay even more now."

I felt the unsettling feeling fade away, as he accepted my feelings. "You still have one problem though." I blinked at him, as he pulled out his phone to show me a convocation he had on kakao. It was between him and Ju Kyung. He was cussing out Simon for cock-blocking him from being with me finally.

"Before you go to deal with him... I suggest you eat now. Cause I feeling you might not be up for eating later." I nodded my head, before going back over to the food. We watched tv in the living room, whilst sitting on the couch, eating.

I had taken a seat towards the back, in a booth, and play with the ice in my drink. Ju Kyung smiled warmly at me, as he sat across from me. After I had finished my breakfast with Simon, I had texted Ju Kyung. Told him to meet me at Dubart, to get a drink together. He texted back instantly with a time.

I got here sooner than him though, and pre-order my own drink. "After last night, I was scared you wouldn't take to me for a long time." Ju Kyung went to touch my hand, but I pulled it away. His smile faded when he noticed, and lean back in his seat. "I know you're feelings for me have grown from wanting to be friends to wishing to be more."

Ju Kyung hung his head, as he crossed his arms. "What? You don't want to know how I feel?" He glance up to make eye contact with me. "Well yeah, but not sure if I'm ready to hear it yet. I got a feeling you're going to reject me."

I stuck my tongue out at him, getting a soft chuckle from him. "You're instinct is correct. I am rejecting you, because to be honest... I see you as an actual big brother. Someone I can run to when ever I need someone. Ju Kyung, you are one of my best friends."

I saw the sadness in his eyes, yet he still smiled at me. "I'll be straight with you, like I was with Simon. I hope you can understand and respect what I'm about to tell you." His eyebrows raised, as I seem to have pecked his interest. "Oh? And what you tell Simon hyung?"

I just took a deep breath, as I realized my feelings for that man were strong than I believe them to be.

"I am actually in love with Jay."

Ju Kyung looked at each other...

He was in complete shock by my words

as much as I was....

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