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Hello I'm not sure if this will count or not but I would like to use this as my fanfic entry if it counts if not then just enjoy :)
(Note it talks of some rough topics read at own risk)

There he stares with blonde hair
Waiting for me to make my move
I turn around but he's not there
Most people wouldn't approve
I draw the blade closer
But his words ring in my head
All you want is closure
Wake me up before I'm dead
Now it's not just him anymore
Wake me up before it's to late
I could've sworn I've seen them before
I'm filled with all this self-hate
Flashing eyes, bright smiles, and light
I remember now they have saved me
Through their lyrics they said it'll be alright
The beautiful music is the key.
Five years later I just wanted to say
Thank you for being here through everything
My life used to be so dark and grey
The six Warriors who made me start caring
BAP is truly Best Absolute Perfect
No longer do I feel so alone and tired
I think all BABYZ will say I'm correct
That we'll love you even after you're retired
We'll remember the strength you gave us
No longer will we be lost without light in this darkness.

I hope you liked it sorry if it is not what you were expecting.