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Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift.

Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into....

Kiseok's POV

It had been a few days since he confessed about what happened with him and Mina. It seemed harsh for him to want Minho to just move on, they were never together anyway she liked him but Minho couldn't accept that. Mintaek was right that time too though, he had over stepped his bounds. As his friend, he should've helped push her to Minho not take her for himself. Now his misdeeds had come back to haunt him.

Since that confession Y/n had been more distant from him. She barely spoke to him unless he talked to her. She didn't really want to be touched any more. Kiseok kept Mintaek and Jay on her when he went to the studio, he still wouldn't take her to his job. She didn't ask why, he wasn't sure if she cared. Bringing her around those women though, all the women she knew he had slept with these two years would've just made her more upset. It was frustrating him though. Jay would say she spoke to him, she talked to people in his building, greeted them in the lobby, smiled at them and laughed at them. He allowed them both to keep being able to touch her and she just let them. Both men could tell she didn't want them. When she seemed deep in thought, upset, hurt or confused Jay would talk to her but she only voiced little thoughts. She knew they were talking to him. She knew they reported back to him so she kept most things reserved and on the inside. Jay was the only one she really put any effort into when it came to sex. It seemed when she got too caught in her mind and needed a distraction she called on him.

Kiseok would have to pick her up from Mintaek's club every night and drive her home. He wasn't sure if they were sleeping together or if they had stopped.

She had gone cold.

The day he came back and slept with her she had fallen asleep. She tossed in the bed, she was restless and when she woke up the next morning she was exhausted. This pattern had repeated itself but she wouldn't explain any of it. He would ask and she would have her head bowed and not say a word. The distance she created was making him sick. It was making him confused because despite being distant the first thing she did when she went to bed was throw on his shirt and snuggle up next to him. He didn't know if she wanted out or if she was just upset. This morning he came upstairs from making coffee, he set his mug down and walked over to the bed hearing her whimper in her sleep. He reached out for her and she shifted in bed but she was still asleep. She was having some sort of nightmare, something was troubling her. She continued to cry in her sleep, her brows furrowed and she moved. He grabbed her shoulder and shook her a little to call her name. She was still reacting to the dream but he could tell she was waking up.

She quickly grabbed his arm and twisted it around and pushed him into the bed using her leg to keep him down. She looked angry when he turned to look at her. The look of realization hit her face and she said,

"Kiseok!" As she let him go.

He stood up straight fixing his clothes. Seeing her dressed in his long gray shirt with nothing else underneath was beautiful, he loved the way she looked, delicate as if she needed to be protected. It was clear by the move she just made she didn't need protecting at all.

"Where did you learn to do that?" He asked.

"I've always known." She said lowly while looking away from him.

He sat down on the bed and she pulled her legs in so he couldn't sit on them. Her hands came to her ankles pulling her feet closer to herself. He reached out to touch her ankle and she looked away.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"You didn't ask."

"I'm asking now." He said sternly.

His hand went from gently running across her ankle to tightening around it. She kept her eyes off him.

"I'm a black belt, back when my father still gave a shit about me he made sure I knew how to defend myself." She said.

He nodded. She shooed his hand off her ankle and got off the bed.

"I'm going to take a shower." She said.

"I'll join you."

"I can bathe on my own."

He walked up behind her and kissed her neck. He could feel her tense up like she didn't want him kissing her.

He continued to kiss her.

"I'm going to join you baby girl. We'll wash up together."

She didn't respond, not even a yes Master. She didn't call him by his name, she didn't look at him. She just started walking towards the bathroom. He walked up to the bathroom door and watched her get undressed. He leaned against the door frame and watched her enter the shower. She had let the water run while she undressed and by now it was warm enough for her to stand under and enjoy the heat. He sat there for a moment watching her stand under it. She placed her hands on the wall in front of her and stood under the water. Kiseok moved into the bathroom and started to take his clothes off. He walked into the shower without a word and wrapped his arms around her body. The back hug was familiar to them both clearly. Her hands came down from the wall and she relaxed into his body. Her hands touched his arms that were wrapped around her snug. His lips met the nape of her neck before she leaned her head back onto his shoulder. He kissed the side of her neck gently and she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. Her small lips parted to take in a breath, her heart rate probably rose a little. Her neck was an easy weakness to exploit. His lips moved up higher to her jawline and she took in a deeper breath. He could tell he was getting to her the more he kissed her.

His arms stayed wrapped around her body while he kissed up to just below her ear. She made a little moan that was too cute for him to resist. She must've felt the smile that formed on her skin. She sat up and looked back at him. He looked at her and loosened his arms a little bit. Her wet hair stuck to her head and shoulders but he didn't want to risk letting her go to push it back. He came closer to her but her hands went up like a guard to keep from letting their bodies get close. Every effort she made to keep space made it hurt more but it also aggravated him. She wasn't saying how she felt she was just pushing him away. He came down to kiss her and she turned her head. He pulled her in tighter, his face showed he was getting frustrated with her pulling away from him. He kissed her forehead and he saw her eyes squeeze shut as if she was trying to keep tears in. He wasn't sure if she was crying or not due to the water from the shower.

"Why are you doing this?" He said upset.

He tried to get close but she only pushed away. She wouldn't let him close anymore. For the past two years she had given him everything. When he walked into the door, she'd smile at him and she'd be happy he was home. She'd hug him and the way she buried her head into his cheat wasn't just cute but it was heartwarming. He always felt warmth when he came home to her. He was always happy to come see her. He slept with women on tour he couldn't deny that and he was wrong for it but he felt for her and only her. Those women were just sex, just fun, just a past time. Y/n was his life. She had been for two years but since his confession of everything she turned a cold shoulder to him. This was the most distance he'd ever felt from her even when he went on tour to different countries and left her here that physical distance didn't compare. She was standing in front of him now, wrapped in his arms and honestly they couldn't have been more farther apart.

"The past few days you barely want me touching you. I know you still like the way I touch you, you reacted to me." He said.

"I just need to take a shower Kiseok."

"It's like you're not even with me anymore." He said.

"I'm right here." She said.

"Yes physically but mentally you're somewhere else. Somewhere I can't reach and if I try, you pull away more."

"Are you still sleeping with those women?"


"Look you know that I know about it. You know how it makes me feel. You said you stopped but I don't think you did. Not really. You still let them touch me. I have trouble believing that you'd let two of your friends Fuck me hard enough that I can barely stand without you getting a little extra on the side either." She said.

Fuck, she was right. As long as he gave them permission to keep sleeping with her he went back and started sleeping with those women again. She scoffed and turned her head.

"Look at me being so foolish as to think I'm something more to you other than just a guaranteed lay." She said lowly.

He cupped her face so that she'd look at him.

"You're more than that Y/n. None of those women would ever sleep in my bed the way you do. I'd never let them walk around the house in my shirt, or buy them gifts and take care of them. Your worth ten times more than them."

"Then why am I not your one only one? I think I'm just getting really sick of living like this. It's too tiring."

"What are you saying? Do you want to leave me?" He asked upset.

She looked away from him. He watched her bite her lip. She was thinking, she was conflicted but he was watching to see if she'd press her lips. The moment she did that he knew she was going to lie.

"Don't fucking lie to me Y/n." He said getting more agitated.

She sighed,

"No. I'm just wondering, if we dropped the label would it make things easier? Maybe I'm not your girlfriend, maybe I'm your pet or your slave. At least that way serving three masters makes sense. I like Jay he's really good, he can really work his hips you were right. He's rougher than I thought he'd be he's my favorite so far. Mintaek, I like how aggressive he is and the way he teases my senses drives me nuts but he loves blindfolding me he doesn't like me touching too much. I can serve three Masters at once. Maybe instead of staying here every night you three can assign days when I stay at the others home."

"Stop!" He yelled as he slammed his hand on the wall.

She didn't flinch she just looked up at him with hurt but angry eyes.

"Does that make you upset?" She said softly.

His chest was rising and falling rapidly. He was angry and she knew it. He had done that not only to keep her safe but to keep her entertained when he couldn't. Them sleeping with her didn't mean anything; Jay and Mintaek both said they could tell she missed him and she wanted him which was why he didn't care that they slept with her but what she was proposing was ending their relationship. Even if she didn't see it that way, he did. It meant that she'd belong to two other men rather than him alone while she played with them. Sharing was fine but giving her up as only his was different. Allowing her to sleep in their beds for days without her coming home would make him upset. He couldn't let them do that, he hated that she even thought like that but her little comment: does that make you upset? It wasn't even half of the pain he was feeling.

"Imagine how I feel." She said.

She opened the door to the shower to leave but he grabbed her wrist and he pulled her back. She looked up at him but he lowered slowly to his knees. She stepped back. He grabbed her hands and pulled her forward to him before closing the door again.

"What are you doing, get up?" She said.

"I can't lose you. I need you to be mine."

"I'd be all of yours but for real this time."

"No! I need you to be only mine. I'll tell them not to lay a fucking hand on you but don't leave me." He said.

He kissed her hand and looked up at her. She looked down at him and he smoothed his hands up her thighs. He raised up on his legs and started to lick her clit. The quick roughness he granted her sensitive nub made her sharply inhale. Her hand went to his hair but she didn't pull him away. He looked up for a moment to see her head leaning back and her eyes closed in pleasure. He continued to lick her clit aggressively, she didn't like sweetness it never appealed much to her. Even over the sound of the shower, he could hear wet smacking as he ate her out. Her one hand stayed in his hair tugging lightly the more she felt and her other hand came to the door to hold herself up. His finger poked into her entrance getting a deeper moan from her. She mewled his name but she didn't call him Master, not yet. He wasn't looking for it, he wanted her bad and truly only her. He had no idea what she was looking for but he was willing to give it to her if that would keep her with him.

He turned her so she could lean against the wall and he raised one leg onto his shoulder. He focused on lapping up her juices and getting moans to spill from her lips. His eyes closed the deeper he got into it. His tongue flicked quickly back and forth on her little clit before he sucked on it and she bucked her hips into his face. She was moaning loud in the shower, the louder she got the closer she was. He didn't stop even when she begged him too. She warned him she was going to cum but he continued his licks. His tongue flattened to lick her up completely instead of just the tip of his tongue flicking. He pushed a second finger into her to get her closer. He felt her grip his hair, her thighs tightened and she shook as she reached her release. She looked down at him out of breath and he finally stood up ignoring the fact that his knees were tired. He wrapped his arms around her again and he leaned down to kiss her. Her hands had rested on his chest but this time instead of pushing him away her arms wrapped around his neck. He broke from the kiss for a second but his lips stayed close to hers; he was looking down as he caught his breath as well. She licked her lips having tasted herself on his tongue. His thumbs pressed into her sides as he held her. The warm water fell down his shoulders and back while her chest seemed like it was the only thing getting hit.

His eyes met with hers and he said,

"My turn?"

She looked up at him still catching her breath but instead of yes Master she simply nodded before she welcomed his crashing lips onto hers. He lifted her up and pushed her into the wall to keep her steady. His arm was hooked under one leg while he held on to her waist. Her arms wrapped around his neck while he pushed into her. He kissed her hot and heavy eating her out was thrilling enough to have his heat swollen and looking for friction. Her walls had hugged him tight the moment he entered her. She tried to resist him as much as possible but after saying what she had to say she gave into her temptation. Losing her was an impossible thing for him. He couldn't live without her.

"You're mine." He said through rough thrusts.

She wrapped her arm around his neck more pulling him closer as she nodded, too out of breath to speak. She mewled when he pushed deeper into her. She groaned as his hips moved faster. He could feel her tighten up again, he was leading her to another orgasm.

"Ki--seok." She mewled.

He captured her lips roughly, he came closer to her so there was no more distance. He could hear her whining in his mouth. She scratched at his back and ran her fingers through his hair while they kissed. He never stopped fucking her.

"I'm gonna cum." She warned.

"Can you wait baby girl? Just a little more." He said.

She gripped his shoulder while he continued. He made her leg wrap around his waist while he moved deeper. She cried more into the bathroom. He loved the sounds of her screams, he loved feeling how tight she got when she was trying to hold back a release. He loved everything she did. She wrapped her arms around him and bit down on his shoulder. He groaned as he slammed her into the opposite wall to take her away from the water.

"Come baby, come for me." He told her.

She nodded, she looked like she was crying but her face was contorted in pleasure. She muffled her screams into his shoulder as she gripped onto him tightly. She started panting, amazed by the feeling of her orgasm. She squeezed him so tight he came right after her. He wrapped his arms around her to hold her close. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he buried her face in her chest as they rose and fell. She ran her fingers through his hair slowly, petting him as he stayed there for a few moments and both their heart rates went down. This was the Y/n he knew...

Y/n POV's

You read a quote somewhere once:

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

You weren't a gambling girl but the night Kiseok came back home he'd taken 20 shots. As you sat on the couch in silence, you wondered how the hell he hit the damn jackpot. Kiseok seemed to return to his usual self, he even told Jay and Mintaek when they took you that they weren't to touch you. Some days he let you stay home away from them so you could relax and do some cleaning around the house. You had been waiting for the call back from the modeling agency, even if they were just going to tell you that they hadn't accepted you but over the past week you had been worrying about something else. That test you took. You told him to just wear the damn condom. He thought things were back to normal because you gave into him. That wasn't the case, he stopped sleeping with those girls and that was good but you were feeling alot of the emotions you had been suppressing for a while all at once. The days you stayed home Jay and Mintaek had to bring their work over to the penthouse to keep an eye on you. You were never actually alone which made thinking harder. Jay would talk to you and sometimes sing but you didn't need a lullaby. A lot of your fears were coming out. With Minho trying to kill you, knowing that Kiseok had left his past girlfriend to walk home and she was killed. It was a lot of information that you brought onto yourself. You felt better about not being in the dark but damn you were so confused.

You had finished making breakfast for the two of you. Kiseok had gone into the kitchen to fix himself a second plate but you sat on the opposite couch staring at the bowl of rice that you hadn't touched. Kiseok came in and sat down in front of you on the other couch.

He thought you two were fine, for the most part when he was around, you were normal. You went back to the whole Master routine, you followed his orders but there was this terrible feeling at the bottom of your stomach.

Things just couldn't be like how they used to.

Negotiate terms?

No, Kiseok didn't negotiate you either were his possession or you weren't his at all. Were you even his girlfriend or were you just a thing to him? A mere guaranteed fuck for his enjoyment. This wasn't going to work but you didn't have the ability to leave him. It wasn't the fact that you had no money or a place to stay you just truly loved him. Far too much to look him in the face and say that if things didn't change you'd leave. It would be an empty threat and he would know it. The moment he touched you, you would cave because it was Kiseok and he sparked every emotion from you just with a touch. You avoided his touch for a reason when he came back. Forgiving him was too easy. Ever since he stopped in your heart you had forgiven him but you felt like a princess trapped in a tower and you couldn't get out. You weren't allowed to go anywhere.

"You haven't touched your food." He said.

"I'm not really hungry." You said.

"You should eat, keep up your strength baby girl." He said.

He stood up and lifted your chin before he pecked a kiss on your lips. He sat back down and you stared at the table.

You didn't move an inch.

"Y/n eat." He said.

"I'm just not hungry." You said softly.

He sighed, he grabbed the small bowl of rice and picked it up to place it in front of you. He gave you chopsticks and you took them from him silently.

"Eat." He commanded.

You nodded but as you picked up the bowl to eat you lost your thoughts in the small white grains. You could hear Kiseok sigh frustrated moments later and he placed his plate on the table and got up and came to you. He kissed you hard while grabbing the bowl and he looked away to pick up food for you.

"Open." He commanded.

He brought the rice up to your lips and you parted them a little. He pushed the rice into your mouth. You stared at him and he scrunched his nose making your eyes widen. You looked away from him slightly embarrassed and he turned your head back to face him.

"What's going on with you bugs?" He chuckled.

He pecked your lips, then decided he wanted more, after the second peck he kept his lips on yours and slowly coaxed them to open. His hand came to your shirt and he kissed you. He started trailing the hand up your shirt while you grabbed his forearm. He was kissing you deep but then your phone rang in your back pocket, making you jump.

Your heart felt like it nearly came out of your chest. Kiseok sighed frustrated as you reached back to get it.

"Ignore it." He said.

"I can't." You said and answered the phone.

It was one of the agents from the modeling company calling you. Kiseok pouted next to you and wrapped his arms around you while he continued to kiss you.

"We've actually got a new line coming up that would be perfect for you. You took some very nice pictures if we could get you in here not the Monday coming up but the next one we can start you out." He said.

"Oh my goodness. Okay Thank you so much I appreciate that." You smiled feeling far more excited than before.

You felt adrenaline pumping through your veins. This was a feeling you hadn't felt before it was amazing. Kiseok stopped kissing your neck when he saw how happy you got. You could see him in the corner of your eye getting suspicious about who you were talking to. The agent was actually explaining how there would be a few clauses in your contract protecting your relationship, meaning they couldn't ask you to use Kiseok as a seller for your career or their business. He was allowing you to keep this life completely private. You wondered if you'd still be able to do it in a couple of months but you didn't ask, you didn't want to jump the gun you were just happy to get the job. You had stood up during the conversation, ignoring Kiseok's question of who you were talking to and then leaned against the door. He was just finishing up but you couldn't stop smiling and he hated that.

"Yes Monday, I will see you then. Thank you!" You hung up the phone and smiled at the ground.

You felt ecstatic but Kiseok was jealous.

"Who was that?" He asked seriously.

You looked up at him with wide eyes, then looked away biting your lip. You tried to think of a careful way to break it to him without him getting upset but he was already angry.

"Don't lie to me Y/n. I asked you who that was." He said.

"Um- s-so when you were away.... I snuck out of Jay's office to go to an interview."

"An interview? You went to get a job? Where?"

"It's a modeling agency, there's a new spring line that they think I'll do great-"

"No." He cut you short.

You looked at him baffled,

"Excuse me? No?"

"No. You're not taking that. I take care of you Y/n you don't even need a job."

"Well I've already agreed to it. I said I'd meet them."

"Then call them back and tell them you can't take it."

"Oh and what should I say Kiseok, that my Master is being an ass and won't let me have a job? I don't need you taking care of me and I would think you'd be happy that I would be earning my own money instead of having to take yours."

"That's part of taking care of you Y/n. Did you not say you were mine? Did you not say that I could do whatever I wanted with no questions asked?" He said furious.

He walked up to you but you hadn't backed down.

"Yeah but I didn't think that meant me being a prisoner in your penthouse." You snapped.

"You're not a prisoner."

"Funny because that's how I feel. You've got men watching me twenty four seven. Look I know with Minho creeping around we're on edge but this is ridiculous I can bare go to the bathroom without having Jay or Minho on my ass." You yelled back at him.

"That's to take care of you and you know it. Minho is a dangerous person and you saw what he did. I came back here and cut my half of the tour short for you, you've been distant and then you go and do this shit. Jay should've been watching you."

"How the hell is this even an argument? I could see where you'd have the problem if I was taking a job as a stripper but this is a legitimate job with legitimate business. I'll be able to take care of myself."

"The fact is that you're mine Y/n. I said no so call them back."

"No." You said.

He walked up to you and placed his hands on the wall by your head.

"You're not going to do this."

"What are you saying?" You said.

"Either it's me or the job Y/n."

You stared at him, you both flew off the handle so quickly but this was the ultimatum he gave you? You threw your phone across the room and he stared at you. You pushed him away,

"I hate you." You said furious.


You could hear the instant regret and pain in his voice. You turned around and reached for the front door.

"Where are you going?" He said.

"I need some air."

"Y/n don't walk out that door."

"You're not going to send me to my room Kiseok, I'm not a five year old child. I'm so sick of this and you don't even see that. You're so caught up in your own damn world you don't even see how upset I am you just think I'm being insubordinate. Can you even tell me how I feel right now? You're just worried about the next time you'll get your dick sucked. I'm fucking done." You yelled.

"Y/n- don't leave."

"Two seconds ago you gave me an ultimatum in which one of the options was to leave you. What did you think I'd be like this forever? We have no future Kiseok were just stagnant, we're a flat line. We're not going anywhere so give me a fucking reason to stay!"

You were so angry, he had fallen silent but you soon realized it wasn't because he didn't have a reason. You turned around and saw why he didn't say a thing. Your eyes got wide,

"You." You said.

The smart smile he wore made you know, both you and Kiseok were in danger now. Kang Minho was at the door, he was holding the stupid test you took a while back. What the hell, did he go in your trash? How was he still getting into the building? He grinned menacingly and said,

"Well look at that, pregnant."

You took in a deep breath, neither one of you were truly sure if you'd make if out....

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