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I had a blast seeing them. They are beautiful in pictures but gorgeous in person. Hope that everyone that goes to see them have fun also.
Take a picture with their cutouts.
Waiting for it to start.

Then we have pics of them dancing, singing, and saying bye. They give off so much energy and passion that you don't want it to end. I really enjoyed myself and I hope I get to see them again.
I wish I could've gone to the one in Anaheim. My mom said I could go but then I wouldn't have anywhere to come home to after. And it's not ready during school, like I'm on spring break now and when I went to look at ticket prices it said they would arrive on the 28th which would give me about 5 days to get there but I have to about it and hope someday I will meet them. (Even tho I seriously thought this was my year and I had so weird-ass connection and thought I would get to go. It was crazy.) But I'm glad you went and got to see them up close. I hope you had fun. Was there a fan meet or a fansign?
Honestly I don't know because I got this ticket as a Christmas gift from my brother and it was like P2. He almost didn't get them because they were selling fast.
I am going on Sunday to the Honda center and I can't wait
Me too!
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I was in that area, but there were too many ppl, so I guess I never saw. I barely found the merch lines tbh.
Me and a friend were thinking of going but school got in the way and she had to sell her ticket but one day though 😢
😢 I was going to go but decided last minute not to. I don't have tickets now. Thanks for the photos!! I'm curious to see how they are in person.
Not a problem, they are gorgeous in person and their English has improved so much.
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