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I had a blast seeing them. They are beautiful in pictures but gorgeous in person. Hope that everyone that goes to see them have fun also.
Take a picture with their cutouts.
Waiting for it to start.

Then we have pics of them dancing, singing, and saying bye. They give off so much energy and passion that you don't want it to end. I really enjoyed myself and I hope I get to see them again.
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I was in that area, but there were too many ppl, so I guess I never saw. I barely found the merch lines tbh.
Yeah I almost missed it too, buy I saw so many people standing in line and wondered to it after I bought the light stick. I saw what they were and decided to go to it and I just took a picture of the cutout since the lines were too long.
OMG!!! Lucky!!! I wanna go to the Anaheim one sooooooooo bad but tickets are sold out and most of the resale tickets are like $1,000 each. So if any of ya'll know of anyone selling 2 tix for the Anaheim concerts please please please hook a sista up and let me know
how much is the tickets
If you try through ticketmaster for Anaheim, I don't think you'll find any because it sold out. And through other sites I've heard they are pretty expensive.
how long was the concert?
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no problem