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When noona woke up, there was a dim light hanging above her. She pulled herself up from the cold cement floor. Her head was pounding and when she coughed, her lungs burned. She could taste something in her mouth. Almost sweet with an underlying chemical taste. She remembered reading somewhere that chloroform had a similar taste to it.

“Bastard” she said coughing up what was left in her lungs.

She looked around. The room was big, even in the dim light, she could see odd items sitting along the walls all around. She went to one wall, picked up some of it. Costumes and masks. She walked around and found the door. It was locked from the other side, with no door knob or lock of any kind on her side. At this point, the security guards words came to mind. She wondered if she was in the basement of her workplace, she had to be.

She felt along the edge of the door. The seam was so tight, she couldn't even get a nail in. She kicked the door.

“THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE!“  She screamed, “I'm going to kill him!” she kicked at the door furiously until she couldn't kick anymore.

She found her phone broken to pieces. She picked it up, “he could've at least left me something to watch… I wonder if he'll come back to gloat about it.” She said, slumping to the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest. “I hope he does, so I can kick him in balls.”


She'd fallen asleep behind the door when she woke up to the sound of it being unlocked.

She didn't know how long she'd been down there. Only that, when she felt sleepy, she would close her eyes. She had made a bed out of the old costumes and would occasionally lay on them. She would hum and sing to herself. She thought about much she loved lying next to her baby god, how sweet he looked when he slept. She wondered, how long it'd been, hours or days?

She got up slowly as the door opened, she heard keys, and then something sliding on the floor. She smelled food. Who ever it was, was leaving her food. She was so hungry but this was her opportunity. She grabbed the door hard and fast, swung it open all the way. The security guard came tumbling in. She stared at him surprised as he scrambled to his feet. He got his baton out and was ready to swing it at her. When he raised his arm, she punched him in the face. His head snapped back, his face scrunching up at the pain. She punched him again, this time he stumbled back. With all her strength, she kicked him in the knee, making him drop to the floor. She whirled around, swinging her leg out, catching him in the face again. He fell backwards, hollering in pain.

“That's what you get for messing with someone who took self defense classes!“

She snatched his keys and ran out. The hallway seemed to take forever. She finally came to the stairs and ran up, her short legs skipping every other step. She came to a door but it was locked. She fumbled with the keys, trying each one in the lock. She heard someone hollering from down below, her hands started to shake. She turned and headed up the next flight of stairs. She came to another door on the next level. She pulled the handle, but it was locked. She ran up to the next flight of stairs. She fumbled with the keys again and finally opened the door.

She ran down the hall. Passing dance practice rooms, all of them empty. The whole building felt empty. She ran down the hall to the elevator. She jabbed at the button but it was taking it's time coming up. Then it stopped and started again. She stepped back and waited.

When the doors opened, the person she wanted to see, stepped off the elevator.

The manager and her stared at one another. Noona seen what he was holding in his hand. She took a deep breath and stepped forward with her fists ready.

Caged Inside Of You (12 장)

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