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Hello everyone!!

Yaaaaaaa I've kind of been gone for a whole month soooo *checks previous card* Oh! It says here the last one was posted....2 months ago! Umm.... No excuses allowed for me! xC So sorry...

I really do love posting these cards, so hopefully I'll be more on top of this.....Like I said I would last time...Sorry;;

Bam!! Here we go! Today's MV belongs to High4!!!!! Aaaaaanother group that I'm not the most, totally, completely, entirely, barely familiar with!! And yet....I'm a support for their community :l That's okay! I try....Not very hard though...I'm sorry Vinny xc Anyway, please enjoy~

(P.S. To all the High5...I'm so sorry about Sunggu :C)

D.O.A (Dead or Alive) by High4 (하이포)

Released on November 1, 2015

Damn!!! Myunghan's voice at the very beginning!! It literally sucked me in!! Wow....Ahem, so umm the video is pretty dark. Not in the sense of gore, but in the sense of....darkness? All the members look so handsome in black!! And how they all looked so serious!!! Wow, just steal my heart why don't you!? The video wasn't just pretty because of the members (hehe), it was also gorgeous because of all the symbolism that they use in it. Literally everything in the video was trying to represent something. I don't know about you guys, but I love symbolism~

And I'm not exaggerating when I say that the whole video was basically dosed in darkness and symbolism, because it was. But in a good way, of course. At the beginning, there was a small, white statue angel whose wings were on fire and changed to a black color, a crown of thorns being lit on fire, black skulls, a pocket watch, some sort of fruit (I thought it was a fig but I think I'm wrong;;), a blue fish in a glass cup, and...wait a minute...Don't drink that!! There's a fish in that cup!!!! O.O Haha, anyway, the video is really pretty and to be honest, I would love to see theories and fanfictions about it since it's a really intersting and mysterious music video.

(Just in case you guys needed some inspiration ^-^)

The Song and Lyrics

So, when I first watched this music video I barely even noticed the actual song, but now that I rewatched it....It is a really gorgeous song!! Like I said, Myunghan's voice was absolutely gorgeous at the beginning!! As well as throughout the video. And let's not forget Youngjun's gorgeous rap throughout the song!!! (And how attractive he looks too~) To be honest, they all had such pretty voices in this song and they each stood out. This is definitely a song that you want to listen to to really fall in love with this group for their voices, as well as their creativity.

The song is about a guy who is in love with a girl who doesn't love him back and left him. He knew that his love for her was just going to be poisinous and damaging to him, yet he let himself fall for him. He admits that it was his mistake, yet, he can't get over her. His love for her literally drives him crazy. Well more insane actually. He compares their relationship to basically all things bad. He says that it's a punishment for him and it causes him great pain to be in love with her, but all he wants is for her to love him back, even if she hurts him even more.

(The lyrics themselves also have a crazy amount of symbolism and it was interesting to see how they played around with that. But the song is so depressing!! Yet, so beautiful)

I’m dying Because I can’t get over you No Don’t Make Me Crazy I’m going crazy over you I’m Losing Control Oh, I’m Losing Control
The devil’s kiss, a short moment You stole me heart and left, why? The angel’s wings are broken Falling to the ground I’m getting ruined because of you I’m blinded by a crazy love I can’t see anything else but you Where are you right now? I’m right here
An empty day slowly gets darker Rain is falling My heart is stolen, tears are spilling My body is burning up I Gotta Be Gotta Be Yours I’m quietly, quietly paused Waiting for you for a long time It’s a punishment I gave myself
I’m dying Because I can’t get over you No Don’t Make Me Crazy I’m going crazy over you I’m Losing Control Come back to me
Come back, come back You decide, dead or alive I’m hypnotized by you I can’t wake up Oh, I’m Losing Control
Is it yes? Is it no? Take your pick I swallowed in love at the devil’s whispers Made a mistake, I’ll admit it babe What I ate is poison disguised as love
Ayo baby, it feels like my heart is ripping After you left, no one is on my side I even feel like my own enemy In this hellish life Every day, it’s dark I can’t quit you This love is a game Yes, Girl I’m All In
Yes, all in, I lost everything Still falling, there’s no end I’m falling The only thing that can save me from my addiction to you Is you It’s always a race or die for me Yes, Girl I’m All In I fall deeper the more you push me away Yes, Girl I’m All In I’m going crazier for you, what?
If only I could open my eyes tomorrow If only I could breath inside your arms Even if you give me a lot more heartbreak I’ll love you even more babe
I’m dying Because I can’t get over you No Don’t Make Me Crazy I’m going crazy over you I’m Losing Control Come back to me
Come back, come back You decide, dead or alive I’m hypnotized by you I can’t wake up Oh, I’m Losing Control Oh, I’m Losing Control Losing Control Oh, I’m Losing Control
("What I ate is poison disguised as love " ....Wow, that sounds ummm really intense :l That's why you should love me!! I'd give any of them all my love~ And it would be a tasty poisoned love~!! Wait a minute... That's not right cX)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the music video and I hope this song encourages you to go and check out more songs by High4!

The next card will be put up soon enough~

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