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Park Shin Hye shared another batch of cute photos taken with co-stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin! Park Shin Hye tweeted, "It's hard to wait, right...? Heetㅡ Find comfort while looking at this. Doggy and albino playing like elementary school kids~ We already took out padding to wear because it's coldㅠㅅ ㅠ It's so very cold while filming late at night...", and shared a selca from the convenience store, possibly hinting on another convenience store date. She also shared a fan-made image of her and Lee Min Ho with the tweet, "Ah really....ㅡㅡ.ㅈ. I love stuff like this times a million ♥ keke So funny!!!!!!!!!!" Take a look at these photos while you wait for a new episode of 'Heirs'! Source & Image(s): Park Shin Hye's Twitter