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This is my submission for the 24k fanfiction contest.
Genre: Horror
Word Count: 615

“Do you think the rain will stop?” I tell the boys. I had come over to watch a movie with them. It was only drizzling but after 20 minutes, it started to rain more. There is also lighting and thunder.

“I don't think it will stop.” Kisu says

“I wanted to buy food.” Hui says.

“It's okay. We'll just watch the movie.” I say.

Then the lights go out.

“No. Not the lights.” Hongseob says.

Kisu turns on a flashlight he got from the kitchen.

“Well what are we going to do?”  Changsun asks

“I know!” I exclaim. “Let's tell spooky stories. OoOooO.”

“Sounds like fun.” Cory says.

“Nooo! I hate scary stories.” Jeunguk says

“Oh come on. What else are we going to do? Wait for the lights to come on? Last time it took two hours.” Hui says.

“He is right.” Changsun says.

“Ok. But don’t make it too scary.” Jeunguk says.

We make a circle in the living room and put the phone in the center. Cory comes back with some blankets and gives us each one.

“Who is starting first?” Hongseob asks.

Cory points at me. “It was your idea.” He says

“Ok I'll go first.” I say. I get comfortable.

“Ok this is a Japanese legend my friend told me. The legend of the Kuchisake-onna, the slit mouthed woman.”

“No. No. No. No. I'm not going to listen to this.” Jeunguk says.

“Then take a nap or something.” Hui says.

“Fine.” He gets up and we all hear the thunder. He sits back down. “I'll just listen to the story.”

“Ok.” I say. “Well it goes like this: There was a women way back in the Edo period who was married to a samurai. She was so beautiful. With her beautiful long hair and pink lips. Everyone was amazed by her beauty. Then one day, her husband caught her with someone else. He got his sword and slit her mouth from ear to ear. ‘Who will think you're beautiful now?’ he told her. Now she comes back as a jealous spirit, haunting places in Japan.”

“Omg! What else?” Hongseob ask.

“There's more?” Jeunguk says.

“Yup!” I say. “Well she only comes out at night. Looking for innocent victims who are walking home. Alone.”

“Omg!” Changsun says, shaking.

“Shhh! I'm trying to listen.” Hui says.

“She will come up to you, wearing a surgical mask. ‘Am I pretty?’ she asks. If you answer yes, she will take off the mask and show you her slit mouth. “Am I pretty now?” she will ask. If you answer yes again, she will leave you alone.”

“What if you answer no?” Kisu says.

“You really want to know?” I say.

They all nod their head yes, even Jeonguk.

“Well if you say no, she will get her scissors...” I start to say and turn the flashlight off.

“AND SHE WILL CUT YOUR FACE LIKE HERS!” I yell, shining the flashlight above my face and all of them start screaming.

I start to laugh.

“Ya! That was scary!” Jeunguk says.

“Now I'm scared.” Cory says.

“Oh come on. It's not that scary. It's just a legend.”

Then the lights come back on.

“Finally!” Kisu says.

We all get up and I start to fold the blanket when I see the guys looking at me, scared.

“Whats wrong?”

Their eyes show fear. Changsun points behind me. “Its her.” he whispers.

I turn and see a women with a surgical mask on.

“Am I pretty?” she asks. Then takes the scissors and cuts my mouth from ear to ear.

She makes me face the boys.

“Now we are both pretty.” she says and the boys run away, screaming.
Here is my oneshot. I hope you guys liked it :D

sorry for my late comment this was really good! thank you for entering :)
Its okay and Thank you!!
well guess who's not going to sleep tonight
lol im sorry!
Oh That's scary 😨
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