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JYJ's Jaejoong has revealed a highly amusing and entertaining video on his Instagram of his fellow member Yoochun trying out Jaejoong's new album. On the 24th, the video was uploaded with the caption, "Yoochun monitoring Jaejoong's album." In it, Yoochun can be seen dancing and shouting excitedly while listening to music through earphones and wearing sunglasses to Jaejoong's immense amusement. Yoochun even sings along nonsensically, which makes Jaejoong laugh. In the end, Jaejoong decides to just join in with the fun with his own pair of sunglasses and ridiculous dancing. Fans are now probably even more excited for Jaejoong's new album so they could jam out to it themselves! Check out the comedic video from the link
my micky oppa is just awesome SARANGHHAE <3 :-)
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i love you yoochun oppa :*
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