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I was lucky enough to visit Seoul Fashion Week yesterday and it was a blast!

There were tons of beautiful people and clothes, anda few people you might recognize :)

There were tons of beautiful people and clothes, andw a few people you might recognize :) Without checking the comments on YouTube, can you figure out who appears at 1:09?

video here:

About the idols in the video, they were actually in the coffee shop with me before going to fashion week!

The air was really bad that day and it was colder than expected so I went to a coffee shop next to the venue for a hot coffee. I was sitting there for a while when three idol lookin guys, one girl (older looked like an actress?) and two managers walked in. The boys were pretty quiet, one yelled at the other one for ordering an iced drink (seriously guys, it was so cold) and then they went outside to take a selca haha! I left before they did but ended up seeing them later when I took the video! I really didn't recognize them and even looking at pictures of the group now its hard for me to see it haha pesky idols changing their hair cut and style all the time!! ^^~

and here are some photos!

Hope you enjoyed my trip to Fashion Week!

wow this is really cool!
thank you!
it was in Dongdae Mun? nice! if I had known I would have tried to go as well.