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It's Jackson's speical day here in America and I'm so excited to be able to celebrate the birth of such a beautiful person(inside and out). Truthfully we are blessed to alive , to share the same lifetime with this young man. Okay let me get it together before I get all emotional and make myself cry. So I was on Tumblr and I found this gif set that someone made for Jackson's birthday using his name! It honestly touched me because I felt that it was just so accurate and I think we can all say that all the words that they use are ones we would use ourselves. Enjoy!
Always smiling and so playful no matter what
Y'all know he loves skinship!
Of course, no one can resist Wang Puppy's charm.
Everyone knows that Jackson has one of the biggest and most giving hearts.
Always a sweetheart and taking care of his memebers.Making sure they know that he supports and loves him.
Always...we know that he rarely lets anything discourage him and he always sees the good in a person or situation.
And lastly yees he is always so nice and friendly no matter what.
Happy Birthday love! I love you and I hope that you had a truly blessed day and that all your wishes come true.

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Aaaaw this is beautiful..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†