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They are really dancing to I LIKE YOU from GOT7.!!!!

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the name of the show I believe was stories and won first place at the wgi drum corps national competition
8 months ago·Reply
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its not wgi.. its DCI
8 months ago
@CLAKPOP @kitkatkpop I would LOVE for GOT7 to watch this 😂😂😂
8 months ago·Reply
the blue devils 😍
8 months ago·Reply
the funny thing is I watched them perform through live stream and yet I didn't realize that this was a got7 song...I feel so ashamed @luna1171 @leslieMayen oops sorry, it's been a while since I did marching band, I've mostly watched color guard stuff since I graduated
8 months ago·Reply
I'm in guard .. so yeah I get u
8 months ago
@kitkatkpop 😁😁 it happens 😂
8 months ago·Reply