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Keep in mind I am in college and i only have 3 classes I take, and this is to show you that i've actually spent a lot of time with my grades, one isn't the best but its a passing grade and I will take it

My Career i'm going for is Graphic Design

Corprate Identity - Retake

(don't ever fail your classes because you have to pay to retake it)
Passed with a A - 94.33%

Professional Development

Again Passed with a A - 95.65%
(would've gotten a 100% if the final was a A but oh well)


Passed with a D+ - 66%.....This class was really hard to understand and math is my weakest subject tbh I was scared I wasn't going to pass because it was at a 34.33% till he added the Test 3, Homework, Project and Participation Points which got it to 74.33% and I knew I was going to be ok.

Again guys I'm so sorry I didn't post much or do a lot of fun things for this Community, this Quarter was a pain in the but to deal with I hardly had time to post anything for you guys. Again I'm so sorry, Hope I will become a mod again and i'll see you guys very soon!

My Pokemon Team

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you!
{L}- @LCordz
{Do Not Copy Tag List, Unless You're One Of My Mods}
nice you keep it up
GG! congrats!!!
congrats (and I gotta take algebra and art appreciation again this semester )
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@SimplyAwkward lol ya I'm one of those tall people lol but I can't see from far distance so I have to. I mostly need a teacher with me to teach, I can't fully function online classes at home