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YG is getting a lot of heat right now...

Remember that time I posted about Taehyun and the report that his depression/mental health was making it difficult for him to work?

Welp, looks like that is turning out to be a rumor created by YG :/ They blamed Taehyun for keeping WINNER from promoting (because he was too mentally exhausted/depressed to work) when it looks like HE wasnt the one holding them back *side eyes YG*

After leaving YG, Taehyun was able to start a band, recruit members, create music, and have a show in less than 3 months.

January 6, 2017: Talks of recruiting members.

January 23, 2017: Building a studio!

February 10, 2017: Practicing with his now-formed band

March 25, 2017: Band's first live show

And that, YG is how you get music out to fans. Not by waiting a million years for a half-finished project. Do not blame mental illnesses, own up to your management issues.

Responding to my own card lol BUT I know we should also consider that depression comes in waves, so he could be super productive right now but suddenly be overwhelmed by depression again and sink into a state where he can't really do anything, so PERHAPS there is truth in what YG said but I really don't think so at this point. You cant blame the long history of bad management on the mental health of one of your idols :(
for some people depression comes in waves. there is also seasonal depression, in which depression comes with like the winter or smt, and also ppl who just have all around depression and always needs meds. ppl (brain chemistry and hormones etc) r fragile.
Honestly we don't know what happened, and to sit there and say Yg lied without knowing the truth is only spreading rumors. Now I love Taehyun he was my favorite member, and yes I'm proud he has a band now and everything. But we don't know what went on so to accuse one or the other without really knowing only damages both parties involved.
bruh look at him go😍👏YG made a mistake
I was a little skeptical when he immediately decided to start the band right after he left. Like I would think if depression causes you to leave your group and label maybe you would wait at least a few months or just get out of showbiz entirely since it is a stressful and can be a catty business. Maybe he left on his own and either he or YG said it was depression. Idk though at least he's doing what he wants now.
You know I've been thinking about this too. I don't know but I kinda have a feeling that this was related to the older actress he was "supposedly" dating. I think that may have been true and that was the reason he left. I'm thinking they probably asked him to leave because they didn't want the scandal. Why would all the Winner members stopped following on IG if he left became he was depressed? He also stopped following them so I think there was clearly something bigger going on. I feel like this was like Girls Generation and the whole Jessica scandal but that's just my opinion 🤔.
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