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Did YG Lie About Taehyun's Depression?

YG is getting a lot of heat right now...

Remember that time I posted about Taehyun and the report that his depression/mental health was making it difficult for him to work?

Welp, looks like that is turning out to be a rumor created by YG :/ They blamed Taehyun for keeping WINNER from promoting (because he was too mentally exhausted/depressed to work) when it looks like HE wasnt the one holding them back *side eyes YG*

After leaving YG, Taehyun was able to start a band, recruit members, create music, and have a show in less than 3 months.

January 6, 2017: Talks of recruiting members.

January 23, 2017: Building a studio!

February 10, 2017: Practicing with his now-formed band

March 25, 2017: Band's first live show

And that, YG is how you get music out to fans. Not by waiting a million years for a half-finished project. Do not blame mental illnesses, own up to your management issues.

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bruh look at him go😍👏YG made a mistake
6 months ago·Reply
Honestly we don't know what happened, and to sit there and say Yg lied without knowing the truth is only spreading rumors. Now I love Taehyun he was my favorite member, and yes I'm proud he has a band now and everything. But we don't know what went on so to accuse one or the other without really knowing only damages both parties involved.
6 months ago·Reply
Eh, I don't really know all of the facts. But think about it. YG is a multi-million (billion?) dollar company. Why would they need to lie? I mean, if they didn't want someone anymore, or something to that degree, they could certainly afford to just do it and come clean in the first place.
6 months ago·Reply
oh mai! just so glad he's okay,
5 months ago·Reply
I thought about that as soon as he wanted to make a band, I was thinking if he was depressed it would take awhile for him to feel more himself, he can't just bounce back so fast.
4 months ago·Reply