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So this week wraps up the last of the quarter. My team has had a rocky road this term, but guess what guys, we made it. ♡

So we all know I like throwing people into the Cross Gene Volcano, kinda like how they like throwing Takuya in the ocean. . .

First off I need to say a few things to my Mod Support:

Where do I begin, you are my rock and have been beside me every step of the way. I was still a new Moderator when you stepped up to bat and helped me out with the growth of this community. When i lost my grandfather and went through a year of turmoil, you were there. Even if it consisted to me crying and you listening, you were there. You always called me a dictator out of fun, but even if I was legit acting that way, you would still stay. I love you and I hope I get to go into Q2 with you ♡♡

You too, stepped up to help me spread the Cross Gene love. I was so tickled that you were so interested in learning about them, I am pretty sure we covered 4 years of videos in one night. Variety shows included. You fell in love quickly and hard with my bebes, it reminded me of me when I stumbled on them back in 2012. You are an eternal doll, and I adore you Kaneki! I know you have had your hands full with schooling and what not, but with you being dedicated to my boys, our boys, I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being my Support and the best at that. ♡

Mer, you have been a blessing as well. Your love for our Takuya is so amazing, I cannot think of anyone else to represent him. Just like the others, you were there for me too. When I had to take my small hiatus, you girls kept the community running smoothly. They always say that a great leader is a reflection of their help. You guys are 100%, so thank you, and I love you. You have become my family and I'm glad that our Mutual love of Cross Gene has brought us together ♡♡
Bebe. Sweetums. I love you. You are absolutely amazing. I am so excited that we worked together in a few communities, so I could get to know you. Casper is shoo #blessed to have you as his representative. It's only NATURAL that a strong, beautiful soul would be attracted to his. I really am glad that I asked you to join the team a few quarters ago. Love you GHosttie ♡♡

Sweet babey MISCHIEVOUS MAKNAE. Oh how I need to send you to the corner some days, since you seem to be a spitting image of Yongseokie. (Kidding of course) I love you too, and very happy that you filled in the position of Maknae. You are uber adorable and I just love your sweet face. You have been a kickass support too, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, for these quarters. ♡
Heartuka, When you reached out to me last term, I was so excited cause you too loved my bebes. It took a bit to get you to open up, but being in a chat with 6 wild child's, I can understand why. Not to mention I'm a flaming weirdo. . I want to extend a special thanks to you for finishing the pact of the crew. I know this was your first term with us, but I only hope you have had a great time.

I love you guys and here's to hoping for Quarter 2 ♡

If You would like to be added to the tag please let me know ♡

Aims thank you so much for accepting me into this community. I finally feel like I belong somewhere and everyone is so nice and supportive of each other. I love you all! *wipes tears away* lets have awesome quarter and continue to show our boys our love!
Of course bebe. I want nothing but fun and good memories for us. ♡ I love you and I am so ready. You definitely belong here with me ♡
I'm definitely not crying, omg. Touka thank you for introducing me to these incredible men and thank you for allowing me to help spread the love. I love you so much! I would like die if I wasn't on your mod team its too much fun 😂
You are more than welcome bebe. I love you too bebe. Haha I am so glad you have had fun♡
I love you too Aims!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤
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Good.....corner bad
No corner......corner bad......
I'm not crying , you are !!!! 😹I love you sweets. I'll be by your side always ,if you'll have me. You are one of the best friends a girl could ask for.
Of course I'll have you. I love you ♡
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