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First of all, this is probably my favorite track from this album! ❤️️ The music and lyrics just stay with me.💕undefined

Now for the disappointment...

JB what are you doing??? 💁Wipe that look off your face. It absolutely kills me! 😖undefinedundefined

Youngjae! You have stayed in your lane this entire time so let’s keep it that way, okay? ☺️

BamBam… Stop oozing with hotness! 😱And please take off that damn choker before I die!! 😵undefinedundefined

I think I’d be very afraid if my wrecker Mark was in this vid. So I guess JB was lucky. 😌undefinedundefined

What did yall think about the MV???
I love it
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Actually I kinda hoped it would be Mark instead of BamBam.
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I think I would die if it was Mark
10 months ago