5 months ago
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Why are they so cute!?!?!

Why guys? Why?!?!?


OMG... they seriously make me smile like an idiot!

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

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I can't watch this all the way through. They are slaying me and my poor hearteu with their bottom lip biting and sexy looks. Even the otter!!
5 months ago·Reply
It took me about 3 times before I could watch it all the way through. It was the longest and most deadly minute and 50 seconds OF MY LIFE! 😲😲😍
5 months ago
hey, thanks for killing me without warning.. lol...
5 months ago·Reply
hehe you're welcome 😉😉😎
5 months ago
That's a very good question 😀
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