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Doogh (Persian: دوغ‎ dūgh; Iraqi: Shinēna) is a yogurt-based beverage. Popular in Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Syria. it is sometimes carbonated. Outside of Iran and Afghanistan it is known by different names. History Doogh has long been a popular drink and was consumed in ancient Persia (modern-day Iran and Afghanistan). Described by an 1886 source as a cold drink of curdled milk and water seasoned with mint,[3] its name derives from the Persian word for milking, dooshidan. By 2009 it was being referred to as a "minted yogurt drink". Variations[edit] Salt (and sometimes pepper) is added, and commonly dried mint or pennyroyal is mixed in as well. One variation includes diced cucumbers to provide a crunchy texture to the beverage. Some varieties of doogh lack carbonation.
Mmmm yes, Armenians have a very similar drink called tahn. It's delicious and perfect on a hot day!