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When the elevator doors opened, the manager egged her to take him on. She had rushed him and pushed him back into the elevator. She elbowed him across the jaw, grabbing his hand with the blade in it, trying to keep it away from her. She drew her elbow back and it sprung forward hitting his face over and over. He head butted her and then grabbed her throat, shoving her against the elevator doors. She tried like hell not to let go of his hand with the knife and managed to knee him in the groin. He stumbled backwards dropping it. Then he swung at her with his fist. She punched him but the second time she tried to, he blocked her, backhanding her across the cheek. He tried to pick up the knife but she had stepped on it. She quickly grabbed his head with a handful of hair and slammed her knee into his face. He grabbed her around the waist, slamming her into the wall over and over but she dropped her fists and elbows into his back as hard as she could. The elevator doors opened and they tumbled out.

Her back slammed into the hard floor, knocking the air out of her. Trying to scramble to her feet, she looked back and seen him picking his knife up and come toward her. He kicked her in the stomach, in the rib and in the leg, then kicked her in the back of the head. He turned her over and sat on top of her. She held her arm up.

“You should've stayed in the basement. You're such a slut, I know he's not the only one. He needs someone pure…” he slapped her across the face, cutting her lip open, “Someone beautiful standing by his side…” he slammed her head into the floor. The pain made her head want to explode, “Not some worthless, heartless bitch!”

It angered her. It angered her to hear him say these things. Her fists pelted his face and body until he fell back, not caring how close she came to his blade or that he even tried to stab her. She didn't realized she was screaming at the top of her lungs until she was standing over him, screaming at him.

“I'M NOT WORTHLESS!” She could feel her anger filling every part of her. She punched and kicked him, at some point he managed to wrestle her down, she scratched and bit him. He threw her to the side, diving for the knife he dropped a few seconds before but he felt her tackle him from behind. Her knee press down on his throat. He swatted at her to get off, he even cut her leg but she was too pissed off to care.

She watched him slowly close his eyes, his arms went limp, his legs stopped kicking. His lips turning blue. She collapsed to the side of him.

As she laid there, staring up at the ceiling, she thought about what to do now. As she laid there debating whether to report this or cover it up. She weighed each carefully. What would happen, the consequences, the morality of the company. If the manager had been this kind of person, who knows how the boss thinks. She heard footsteps running down the hallway.

The security guard gasped seeing the manager lying there lifeless. He went over to her and poked at her cheek, she shifted her eyes, glaring at him.

She snatched him by the collar.


I like to think of her as that person who had a hard life. Then one day had an epiphany and turned her life around.
@MaritessSison I was playing Otep (Head of Medusa) while writing this part lol
Hell yea!!! Move out the way...bad ass bitch coming through!!*singing song* lol🤗🤗
@Matokokepa girl you did that!! When's your first book coming out!? Take my money now!!
Well, that escalated. I like how she's not helpless and more of an anti-hero kind of protagonist.
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