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Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift. Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into.... Kiseok's POV He knew if he made a move too drastic that Y/n might die. He knew Minho was drawing it out and every moment he had to watch him touch her he was dying inside. She started crying and it just broke him even more. His head was spinning, his mind was breaking down. He was touching her, he made her take her shirt off, if he slept with her, if he fucked her he'd kill him. It was the very reason he had said that to Y/n. He was very much on the verge of killing Minho even with a wounded arm. He was angry enough. He could see in her eyes she came up with something she was just trying to make sure he knew it. He moved his foot so that she could see he'd be ready. He was sure that she had a plan to make it out. He waited for the right moment when she started talking to him. She was making him angry, the angrier he got the tighter he squeezed her neck. He hated that he was choking her but he found some relief that his hands weren't down her pants anymore. When he got Minho's attention to him, Y/n moved quick she was impressive. Kiseok stood to help get him away from her, he was honestly going to kill him but the gun went off and shot him right in the chest. Everything had happened so quickly that Y/n didn't even see that he was hit until he was already on the ground wounded and Minho was on the floor dead. He had a small smile on and he whispered, "Good girl." Through his panting. After that he blacked out but he could hear her screams for him not to leave. He wasn't planning on going anywhere. He needed to wake up to be with her. He needed to hold on and live to see her. Something happened in this sleep state though, he was back with Mina. They were at this little cafe that she really liked. She had bubble tea and he had coffee. They were laughing about something, she looked so happy; she was beautiful just like he remembered. Minho was always watching then too. They were still together as band mates but he was festering a hate for him. Kiseok wondered if he had grown a hate for her as well because she had chosen him over Minho. She was just so pure she couldn't hate anyone no matter how much wrong they did her. The day she died, when he found out, he drank himself half to death. Minho and him split up, he started to crawl into a hole of depression and he was just feeling dead inside. Something Y/n said reminded him of how he felt. No matter what he did, no matter if Minho made him suffer Mina was still dead. The fact didn't change and there was nothing any of them could do to bring them back. Kiseok had to live with the guilt that if he had just taken her to work with him or walked her to the damn door she would still be alive. He couldn't live with the fact that another woman he cared so deeply for would die because of him. He would really start to feel how Minho felt. "She's a great girl." Mina smiled. His attention was brought to the beautiful face sitting in front of him. She smiled bigger. "Who is?" "Y/n." She said. "Y/n? How do you-" She held her hand up to stop him. "It'll just hurt your head. You wanted to talk to me right? Something about Y/n. He stole your file on her, she now knows you researched her before you approached her. Do you think she's afraid of you?" She asked. "I'm not sure anymore." "You want her to stay don't you. Anytime Y/n shows some sign of breaking from her all loving devotion of you, you punish her. You told her to end things but the moment she started to walk out, even in the shower when you knew she was talking about leaving you, you broke down. You need Y/n in your life and you feel guilt about that too don't you?" "Guilty?" "You don't see me the same way you see Y/n. She may look similar to me but she isn't me. I wasn't your slave Kiseok I was your girlfriend but Y/n was both and she loved it. She even loved you. You feel guilty because you may actually love her too and you know, no matter how much you adored me, you never let yourself fall that deep." "I cared so much about you." Kiseok said. "A friend can care so much about another but only someone that deeply in love would go to the extreme lengths you did to keep her protected. You had her watched, you checked up on her, you left your concert early to be with her. You never let her out of your sight and if you did you made sure she was guarded. Are you upset you didn't do that for me?" Mina smiled. "Well if I had you'd still be here. Minho was right if I had never touched you you'd be alive." "You can't know that. Sometimes a door has to close in order for another one to open. Sometimes you need to go through something in order to shape you as a person. There's good in you, there's love in you Kiseok. Give everything to Y/n and stop holding on to your guilt. I'm dead and gone, you can't betray me by loving her. You'll only disappoint me if you don't." He stared at her but she smiled at him. She winked at him and he blinked. The light and the scene changed quickly; one moment she was there and the next moment he was looking at the ceiling and a bright white light greeted him. "Y/n." He whispered. Y/n's POV He had gone through surgery all yesterday but he was still out. He hadn't woken up for hours but the heart monitor was still running. You had fallen asleep in the room. You couldn't leave his side. You felt broken. You had started crying a little again, you were looking down when you heard the faint whisper, "Y/n." You looked up and saw his eyes open. You stood up quickly and came to his side. You cupped his cheek. "Kiseok." You said. "Hey. Are you okay?" He asked with a smile. You chuckled, "I'm supposed to ask you that you're the one that was shot." "Eh, it's not too bad." He said with a smile. You kissed his forehead. "How's the baby?" You looked at him strangely. "What, he had your pregnancy test he said it was positive." You shook your head, "No. I was never- -it was a false positive I'm not." You said. You took a second test at the hospital while you were waiting for him to get out of surgery just to make sure but the first test was wrong. You hadn't been pregnant at all, meaning everything you were going to reveal before you two fought would've been for nothing... Well, not everything. One thing in your mind hadn't changed, even now, even when you almost lost him. You knew nothing had changed that decision. If he still insisted on living like this then your mind would never change no matter how much you care about him. He stared at you for a moment probably searching your face to see if you were upset that you weren't pregnant. Honestly you were relieved you weren't pregnant. Telling him that may have felt harsh but neither one of you ever talked about starting a family, you didn't talk about getting married, there was nothing really for you two to move forward. You had told him that. You both were flat lined... "I'm sorry." He said before lifting his good hand to meet yours. You brushed your fingers through his hair as you said, "About what?" "About the baby. I don't know how it feels for a woman knowing it was false." He said. "I'm okay." You whispered. "Are you? You just don't seem- like yourself. We've been fighting too much Y/n I'm an ass I'm sorry for that but are you really okay?" You leaned down and kissed him, "As long as your breathing I'll be fine. You scared me." "I could hear you baby girl. We're you ever going to tell me?" He asked.

"Let's not talk about that right now." you said still brushing his hair back. His hand cupped the side of your cheek and his thumb gently ran across your cheek bone while he looked into your eyes. You gave him a soft smile but that smile wasn't enough to convince him that something wasn't wrong. Your mind kept thinking about all the things Kiseok had done and although it didn't seem appropriate to talk about it now, you also knew at some point in time you would have to address it. You hated admitting it even to yourself but Kiseok had chosen you for a reason. You had nothing. Therefore you were nothing and you'd submit easier, you would worship him as your whole world. With that in mind, you realized why he didn't want you getting a job. Your attention needed to be only on him, he only wanted you to look at him and want him and behave for him. He didn't realize these were things you were still willing to give him you just wanted a little wiggle room. Your life couldn't be spent in the penthouse like a porcelain doll. Smiling genuinely was tough, you remembered him coming home happy to see you, he'd open his arms up to you and you'd jump in them. He'd ask you if you missed him and as usual you responded "yes Master" because you did miss him. You missed him sitting in the living room playing his music, you missed hearing him spit out little raps while walking down the hall or to the kitchen. You had nothing so he was your everything. That's what scared you. When you thought you were pregnant, instantly you knew this life wasn't how you were going to continue living with him. Not with a baby in the picture, knowing him he would've catered to your every need but he would've been twice as protective and just as suffocating. He'd schedule your walks, your appointments, get you a doctor, he'd watch your food in take, have you exercise. All these things we're good things but Kiseok had the tendency to go over board with good things. He wanted the control of it all. If you were pregnant no way in hell were you going to put up with that. Kiseok kissed your stomach despite knowing there was no baby. He held your hand in his and everything in you wanted to never let him go... You took him back to the penthouse that day and the doctors gave you medicine for his wounds. He had to take it easy or he'd open the wound in his chest again. Kiseok didn't know what it meant to take it easy though. You had to scold him when he tried to sleep with you once you two got back. You had spent all night at the hospital, Minho's blood stain was still on the floor along with Kiseok's blood on the couch. You took him up to your room and had him lay in bed. You fixed him tea while you tried to clean up the mess below. He asked you not to worry about it, he was going to call the same people that cleaned up his house and replaced the furniture the first time Minho came in. Kiseok wanted to comfort you and you knew it but it wasn't comfort you needed. You looked out the window, the afternoon sunlight coming in golden rays let you know what you really needed. Freedom. The week that followed by wasn't easy for either of you. He knew you were pulling away he could feel it. He tried to get you to come closer to him. To be with him but the more he seemed like he was trying to gain control the more you pulled away. You were taking care of him, you were trying to make sure that he was okay before you left. Kiseok asked Jay to accompany you when you went out of the house to go get groceries. Jay took you to Starbucks to get coffee and you two sat down to talk. "You know he knows what you're doing right." Jay said to you. "What?" You said softly looking down at your coffee cup. Your finger traced the rim of the coffee cup and Jay said, "Look at me." Your eyes raised slowly and locked with his eyes. "Why are you putting so much distance between you two?" He asked. "Any time I think about leaving him Jay-" you looked out the window. "It hurts, it's too scary being without him but I know I have to go. He's never going to let me do this, he's never going to loosen the leash." "Just talk to him that's all he wants. He wants you to be straight with him." "I have." You said tearing up. "I have and he just- he doesn't get it. He won't get it. I agreed that he could do whatever he wanted no questions asked. If he tells me no he expects me to listen not ask why, not ask and negotiate. In the two years we've been together, not once has he told me he loved me. He expects me to know how he feels without him saying it but I need him to say. I need to hear it but he could never give me that. He could never allow me to have independence." "Kiseok is irrational but he's not dumb. Eventually he has to see that he can't just ask you to be his little play thing forever. You just have to talk to him." "Nothing's changed Jay. I told him yesterday I'm starting work tomorrow and he told me no. I didn't even argue with him, ever since he took the bullets for me I feel like I have no right to argue but I still hold every right to do as I want. Obey or disobey, work or not work. I start working tomorrow he's not going to like it, can you make sure his wound doesn't open up. It's been healing well but I just don't want to cause it to reopen." You said. "Him getting pissy won't reopen it." "Just promise me you'll look after him." You said. He looked at you strangely. "Y/n you're not thinking about-" You looked at him and then looked away. Tears already brimmed your eyes. Speaking it was too hard and your heart hurt every time you thought about it but it was the truth. "You've already made up your mind." He sighed in disbelief. "I need to get back to the penthouse. It's almost time to make dinner." You said standing up. "He's going to die of a broken heart Y/n." "That would mean he'd have to love me enough and he doesn't. Not the way he should or they way I want him to." You said. You got up and walked off.... When the next morning arrived, you had placed your letter on your side of the bed. You had made him breakfast and put it in the fridge. All the expensive gifts he bought you you left behind but the trinkets he bought you from his travels around the world you took with you. You left the dresses, the diamonds, the bags but Wubbi the stuffed bear he got you for White Day and the bunny slippers he gave you for Christmas you took. The computer, the keys to the car, the phone he bought you, you left it all behind. You packed enough to leave and not have to come back, enough to carry away from the penthouse. You left his key on the coffee table and walked out. You didn't look back. You didn't say goodbye and crying wasn't an option but you could feel your heart weeping. You rented a hotel, you dropped off your things and for the first time in two years you went to work and left Kiseok behind... 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Well damn.... I can't wait to see how this ends
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