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We finally got Word from Vingle of our next Q2 Mods!!!

Our Moderators are:

@DalyRomero - ASTRO
@Starbell808 - Up10tion
@SimplyAwkward - Steven Universe
@ShailaZaman - JJ Project
@royalpandajedi - Jay Park
@QueenPandaBunny - Super Junior
@Qilin94 - UNIQ
@MonbebeArmyBBC - Block B
@AimeBolanos - Japanese Anime
@VeronicaArtino - Korean Dramas
@resavalencia - WINNER
@OppasManBun - Topp Dogg
@awkwardjazzy Pentagon
@AlexisJ15 Seventeen
@AimeeH Cross Gene
@ZephyrBlaze - Bleach
@Yehetmyohorat97 - Monsta X
@xoxorittie - Victon
@Helixx - BEAST
@Hannah769 - Manga
@FileNotSaved - Mystic Messenger
@ESwee - Leeteuk (Super Junior)
@SugaKookieV - Chanyeol (EXO)
@StefaniTre - Shinhwa
@MattK95 - K-Pop
@Maelyn - BAP
@Luna1171 - GOT7
@Lexxcisco - B1A4
@LemonLassie - Infinite
@kpopandkimchi - Red Velvet
@JiyongLeo - VIXX
@VKookie47 - Blackpink
@BBxGD - G-Dragon
@Bangtanss - Fan Fiction
@Taylor18920 - Naruto
@MelissaGarza - Boys Republic
@mbg3t - SF9
@VixenViVi - SHINee
@turntuptae - Twice
@AnimeAddixtion - Fairy Tail
@amobts - Asian Male Stars
@caricakes - Travel

Along with me being the mod once again of the

Pokemon Community!!!

Congrats for the people who have become a mod and will make Vingle a better Community and thank @VingleEnglish for picking us the mods, I am happy to once again be the mod for The Pokemon Community

Thank you Once again

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you!
{L}- @LCordz
{Do Not Copy Tag List, Unless You're One Of My Mods}
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Congrats on making Mod again!
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@AimeBolanos I'm looking forward to it
8 months ago
8 months ago·Reply
thank you!
8 months ago
Congrats everyone and Thank you dear! ♡
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8 months ago
Congratulations and thank you!
8 months ago·Reply
yw! and let's have a good quarter together
8 months ago
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