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Hello to everyone in the Pokemon Community, I'm looking forward to be the Mod again for the Pokemon Community!
As you know I was the mod last Quarter for this community with @midnightskieslo and @Riethu . I am looking for new people to become one of my mods , I like meeting new people and would like to get to know a lot of you guys better than last quarter. (so if you helped me last quarter you unfortunally won't be able to help me this quarter)

What I plan on doing is making more cards that are fun and can attract more people to them. As my mods you and I can discuss what we can do in the community that will make it fun and exciting!
(example make cards like these)
If you are interested You are able to message me on Vingle and say "you wanna be one of my mods *then explain why*"

Pokemon Community!!

I would love to get to know what you guys think and what you guys would like to see in the community if theres certain cards you'd like to see than I'd like to hear them! again just message me on Vingle of your opinion and I'll be sure to look at them!

My Tag List!

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you!
{L}- @LCordz
{Do Not Copy Tag List}