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What's up, fam, its your girl Jordan. stopping the daily routine for this amazing announcement! So as you guys previously knew, I was the moderator of the NCT community, but I have stepped down. The new mod for the babies and that amazing community is my homie @KaiLuhan4ever, but don't fret!!!! You shall still see me around, for she has graciously given me the position of Second in Command. This Quarter, I have taken appon the role of Seventeen Mod, which I am very excited for, and I hope you guys are as well!
I would like to thanl Vingle for allowing me to moderate such an amazing community, it truly is amazing and I shall not let you guys down. I would like to congratulate our new moderators of the 2017 Q2 and looked forward to what you guys do!!!!

2017 Q2 Vingle Moderators!
@destiny1419 - VAV @DalyRomero - ASTRO @Starbell808 - Up10tion @SimplyAwkward - Steven Universe @ShailaZaman - JJ Project @royalpandajedi - Jay Park @QueenPandaBunny - Super Junior @Qilin94 - UNIQ @PolarStarr - BTS @MonbebeArmyBBC - Block B @AimeBolanos - Japanese Anime @AaliyahNewbell- IKON @VeronicaArtino - Korean Dramas @resavalencia - WINNER @OppasManBun - Topp Dogg @awkwardjazzy Pentagon @AlexisJ15 Seventeen @AimeeH Cross Gene
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Also!! Currently accepting supporters!!!
If interested, please msg me at my line account Sugakookietaetae2.0 or my Kakao account AlyJ
Congratulations!!! You can go ahead and add me to the taglist~ Haha~~~
Yass, will do!!
BEBE MAKNAE Thank you and Congrats dear!
Thank you Aims!!!!!!!!
Thank you Melissa!