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Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift. Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into.... *One year later* Y/n's POV "Master! I'm gonna- cum." You moaned. You were wearing a blindfold but the man on top of you was familiar with how you liked to be touched. He liked the blindfold, he thought you looked really cute with it on or rather in his words really sexy. He had you up against the wall fucking you hard and you were tightening just enough around him to get him to groan deeply. The rough sound only brought you closer. Your arms were locked around his neck while you screamed. "Don't you fucking cum without me puppy." he said. "Kiseok" you moaned. You only got off really well when you called his name. You wanted to be blindfolded when you were with him so you could imagine Kiseok but he couldn't call you baby girl, you didn't use the term Daddy. He was your Master, when you needed to get off, you came to his club and submitted to him and he fucked you hard and long, sometimes going multiple rounds just to hold you over for a while longer. This only started five months after you left Kiseok. The agreement was that neither one of you talked about him but he couldn't stop you from saying his name while he fucked you. Kiseok still owned your heart. Even after a year you couldn't let him go. Nights became unbearable because you missed him so much, you'd go to the club and get a drink but only one. Kiseok's rules still stuck to you. You'd come to his office and tell him to take you downstairs. He'd strip you fast and slam you up against everything he could. He'd kiss you hard while his fingers dug into your thighs and rounded to your ass. He'd tease you sometimes by just pushing a finger in, he would comment on the tightness and how it felt like a pulse the throbbing made him unbelievably hard and there were times he'd only show attention to your ass so you used a toy to satisfy your other hole. He opened your legs wide and it was like you could feel him staring down at your bodies connecting. Him moving in and out of you smoothly but rough. "Look at the way you open up to me puppy. You're so fucking sexy." "Master let me cum." You whined. "Say the magic words baby." He said. "Please let me cum Master. I want you to fill me up!" You screamed. He chuckled, "I love it when you tall dirty Y/n." His lips came to your neck making you groan deep and sink lower onto him. "Cum puppy. Fucking cum for me." He said aggressive. His hips hit you hard making you scream but you tightened enough around him and you screamed. You reached your release; you could hear him groan loud and husky below you. His hot cock twitched inside of you while he sprayed your insides with his stickiness. You were panting and holding onto him. His forehead rested on your shoulder while your face buried into his neck. You both stood like that for a few minutes so he could catch his breath with you. He finally set you down and he took off your blindfold. "You're done now puppy." He said still panting a little. "Thanks." You said. You went over to his chair to grab your dress. "Still calling out his name huh?" He smiled. "Mintaek not now, I had a shit day at work okay can you just leave it alone." "One shit day at your job is three hundred and sixty five shit days to him Y/n." He said.
"We agreed we wouldn't talk about him okay- I just- I can't handle that." "It's because you love him." He said. "Mintaek leave it alone." You snapped. He stood up so he could put his pants back on. "How the hell am I supposed to leave it alone? He is dying without you Y/n. Here you are coming to me to Fuck you senseless so you don't have to feel it but guess what, you feel it. You both do. You left him. You left him and you can't handle that and he can't survive it. He is drinking himself to death. He's stopped writing music, he barely comes out of the house. Y/n he needs you, he loves you." "Stop okay- it doesn't change anything. I go back and he expects me to give him everything, he expects me to make him my entire world okay. I love my job I'm not giving that up just to go back to be a girl locked away in a tower." "So for god sakes renegotiate terms Y/n. At this point he'd give his lungs and both his arms if that meant getting you back. Look the only reason I agreed to occupy your needs was because I thought I could convince you to go back home." You shook your head, "That's not my home. That place is full of memories of us together, of the day he was shot, the day I thought I was pregnant, the day Minho touched me in front of him to make him pay, to torture him. It has the memories of every second I loved him, the moment I almost lost him and the moment I decided I was going to leave him. That's too many memories that'll hurt more than heal if I go back." "You two should start again." "He'll get over me Mintaek. He'll forget me, he'll forget my face and find someone else. He sought me out because I was nothing and I had nothing. I have more than I did before I wouldn't be worth anything to him." You said. You were finally dressed and headed to the door. Mintaek grabbed your wrist to stop you. You stood there facing the door but Mintaek stayed behind you holding your wrist firm but not tight. He just kept you there. "He lost himself the day you disappeared. For the first time ever Kiseok's heart was broken Y/n. A woman that can do that to a guy like him, a woman like you is far more special and more treasured than you believe. Yes Kiseok wanted to keep you, yes he cheated, yes he's a bit demanding but never once did he think about letting you go. He needed you, you were his last breath, his heart, his life, his everything. He needs you now, you still love him. That's why it hurts, that's why you're crying, you're stubborn but you love him. You can let go of the bad memories because there's only a few but those good memories, the happiest moments of your life, it was because of him and his happiest moments in life were because of you. You used to be the only thing he could ever talk about and now he just stares at a picture of you while he whispers your name. You've turned him into a ghost Y/n. If you're going to do anything just give him his life back." You snatched your hand out of his. "Goodnight Mintaek. Thanks for the fuck." You opened the door and the loud music of his club came into your ears. You made him promise not to tell Kiseok you saw him, that you did this with him. That you missed him. Your heart hurt even more now hearing him say all those things. Was he really drinking himself to death like that? You couldn't go back though, seeing him just meant he'd want you to stay. If you saw him you'd break down. You went home and tried sleeping but you didn't sleep as well as you used to. Sex didn't even tire you out the way it used to, your all just wasn't in it. Mintaek never left marks on you, he wasn't allowed to because of your job. You had a photoshoot in the morning but after that the rest of the afternoon was yours. You decided to call Jay, just like Mintaek, you remembered his number. You texted him and said: You: Hey this is Y/n you still have the same number Jay? He texted back a few minutes later. Park Jaebeom: Yeah, I'm surprised you kept the number. You: Answer your phone when I call you. You sent him the text then you waited a few moments before you rang his phone. You heard him say hello and you said, "Is Kiseok with you right now?" "Yes." "Does he know you're talking to me?" "No." He said. "Don't let him know or I'll hang up and I won't call back." "Okay." "This afternoon meet me at the Han bridge around three o'clock, don't come with Kiseok do not show up with anyone else. I just want to talk to you." You said. "Yeah I'll be there." He said. "Thank you." You hung up. It was early in the morning but you got yourself ready and headed into work. The woman that was responsible for even getting you an interview was warm hearted and kind, she was a huge fan of Kiseok. When she heard you two broke up, she felt bad. She said you two were really cute together. You used to see photos of him and you hugging and smiling at each other in her old magazines she had lying around. You'd always close them or ask her to put it away. You asked her not to talk about him or his music when you were around. You had to leave him in secret just to be able to take the job, you didn't trust yourself to break up with him in person. He'd make you stay, all he had to do was touch you or ask you to stay. If he kissed you you still would've been with him but you missed him so much. That was why you weren't allowing yourself to go back to him. You couldn't see him in person but if he was drinking himself to death you wanted to help him. "Y/n you took some great pictures today." Your manger said. "Thank you." "Are you going out to lunch?" "I actually have to meet someone soon." You said. "Oh okay, well just so you know you were in the selection for the spring show this year." "Wait, what, I thought Ae-wa was chosen." "Well in addition to her scandal she also recently twisted her ankle, she can't walk. She actually suggested you to take her spot. Seems like she's got a lot of faith in you. I don't blame her." He said before patting your shoulder and walking off. You smiled feeling really proud of yourself at the moment. If you hadn't left Kiseok you wouldn't be here right now. That didn't make your heart less heavy though. You sighed and headed out to Han bridge... You saw Jay leaning against the railing looking out. The tips of his hair were blond and he had sun glasses on. The spring wind blew a nice breeze against him causing his flimsy white buttoned down shirt to blow like a cape behind him. You walked up to him slowly saying, "So you're blond now." He turned to look at you and smiled. "How are you baby doll?" You looked out to the water. You bit your lip before you said, "I'm not here to talk about me." "Then what is it?" He asked. "Is what Mintaek said true? Is Kiseok- has he been drinking?" "Yes he has. Mostly when he's sad or upset which is about a good 90% of the time when he's not sleeping or staring at your picture." "He really does that?" "Y/n he's got like three photos of you and him together in plain sight in the penthouse. He as your picture from your modeling on the car dash board, in his wallet and as his wallpaper on his computer. You're his phone's wallpaper. He misses you and you are literally haunting him right now." Jay said. "I didn't come back to haunt him I want to fix this." "Then go home. Go back to him and let him hold you, tell him you love him because I know you do I can see it in your eyes." "No I don't." "That's a lie, you just pressed your lips together. If you didn't care Y/n, you wouldn't have asked if it was true, you wouldn't have gone out of your way to make sure he was alright. Why is it so hard to admit it?" "It's not the same Jay. I loved him. I loved him so much I couldn't face him to end it. I knew if he asked me I'd stay. I've got a career now and I love it and I feel so free. I get up in the morning and I leave the house with a purpose and I'm not expected to be home at a certain time or told when to eat or-" "Are you happier without him?" Jay asked. Your breath hitched. You looked away and shook your head, "I don't want him killing himself like this but going back means giving up something I worked for." You said. "Y/n are you happier without him? Is that why you still follow the rules he gave you? Only one drink, he timed your meals and you still follow that. You're so eager to prove that you've made it but you're dying inside the way he's dying. Both of you need each other. Both of you love each other and you're both too stupid to say it." You closed your eyes and a tear fell. "The thing is you found something that made you happy but you're alone. You know it. You miss him, you want him back. You justify why you left but none of us ever said that what you wanted was wrong but I told you to talk to him, all you had to do was go to work and come back home. All you had to do was prove that you could still give him the love he wanted and hold a job. Neither one of you told the other how you felt and that's what caused you two to be dysfunctional. You don't want him to suffer? Then go and talk to him." You looked at him while wiping the tears away from your eyes but you stood stunned in front of Jay. Kiseok was standing behind him staring at you sad in the eyes. "I told you not to tell him I was meeting you." You said upset at Jay. Jay looked confused and turned back. He sighed and then looked back at you, "I didn't." He said. "Goodbye Jay." "Y/n wait." Kiseok called. He moved quickly to get to you and he grabbed you. "Talk to me please. Please baby girl." "Don't- don't do that." You said holding back more tears. "Please, just talk. Just talk to me." He said. You sighed and rolled your eyes. You couldn't say no. "He was acting strange almost all day so I checked his phone when he went to the bathroom. I followed him here he didn't tell me anything." He explained. You didn't say anything, he slowly led you back to his car. He walked in front of you and you hung your head to mask the tears. Jay was right, you weren't happier without him. Him simply holding your hand like this was breaking your heart. He got you back to the car and he drove off but you didn't ask where you already half assumed where he was taking you. You saw the photo on the dashboard that Jay mentioned. Shit he really had your picture, that one was from last fall right around the time you started. As you figured, he drove you to the penthouse. He held your door open and held your hand as he walked in. People seeing you two together again after a year were in shock and the voices began to arise. This couldn't really be considered a scandal could it? He was your ex, you two were walking into the penthouse you used to live in together. At most it was a reconcile rumor but you hoped it didn't ruin your chances at walking the runway for the spring line... The entire drive and even the trip up the elevator was in silence. He opened the door to the penthouse and nothing was the same. The curtains were blue his coffee table was black. He had a stack of paper plates and cups on the counter. The couch was gone and now a long white couch sat on both sides of the coffee table while two white single chairs sat on the short end of the coffee table. The kitchen table was black, his counter tops were white and bus cupboards were black. He remodeled a lot but blue was your favorite color and you had an obsession with bunnies. On the couch, sat a giant soft blue bunny. He motioned for you to sit while he went and filled glasses up with cold tea for you both to drink. He sat down in front of you and you stared down at the glass in your hands. It was silent for far too long. Neither one of you spoke, you waited for him to say something, you had nothing to say. In truth, you weren't sure your voice would work. "The rabbit is for you. He's old, after you left I bought it-" "Hoping to win me back?" "Hoping you'd listen." He said. "Listen in what regards? Obeying or hearing what you have to say." "Obeying." He said honestly. You gave a short chuckle and looked away. "I want you back. I want you home with me. I want to come home and see your face everyday. Only you." "I can't go back to the same-" "It won't be the same. You said the day Minho almost killed me that we were flat lined. I just thought you were upset I didn't realize you were saying we were dead. I thought no matter what I did you would stay that you couldn't leave me." "Kiseok what are you on about?" You said softly. "I did research you before we met. I did choose you because you didn't have a lot. I only wanted someone to sleep with. You were right, I needed a guaranteed fuck. That's how it began." You shook your head. You knew it, all that devotion everything you felt for him was just one sided. You stood up and headed for the door. He came after you and caught your wrist. "Y/n I love you. I'm in love with you. I have been for a long time I just- I've never-I've never loved anyone before I didn't know how to handle it. I thought that if I just kept showing you that I cared, that if I kept protecting you, if I kept giving you kisses and gifts you'd know, you'd understand." "You think that's why I loved you? Kiseok I never wanted any of those things. When I refused, you got upset at me so I just accepted them. I didn't want or need any of that. When I left, I gave you everything back." "No, not everything. You took things I brought you back from my tours. The broken sombrero. The China kitty. The I love New York Key Chain. Wubbie. You took the small simple things. Things that I wouldn't give a second thought about. The guys kept telling me they knew you missed me. They told me they knew you didn't really want them. I was selfish Y/n and I'm sorry I just didn't know I had to say it for you to know it. I knew you loved me that's why I didn't ever think I'd lose you." He said. "Kiseok let me go." "Please come home. Come home to me." "I can't give you what you want. The whole no questions asked rule -" "Fuck the rule. Let's renegotiate." He said. He handed you a folded up piece of paper and you took it from him. You read out loud but your face looked more confused as you read. "I, Jung Kiseok, promise to love you from this day forward, to have and told for as long as we both shall live....Kiseok this is what someone says when they're getting mar-" you looked away from the paper to see him on his knee. He had a blue case in his hand and opened it, diamonds in the shape of a bunny sat on a sterling silver ring shining brilliantly in the gold rays of the afternoon sun. You looked at him in shock. "Marry me." he said. You were short of breath. "It won't be the same, I will love you like I should. I will take care of you and I will give you what ever you want I just ask one thing, for you to be mine and only mine forever. I can't take another year without you. I won't survive it. Marry me." "Kiseok, we- I don't think we can-" He stood up and came closer to you. You tried to back up but he caught you in time. He grabbed your hand, "I had all of you for two years. I'll give you all of me for the rest of my life Y/n." He placed your hand on his chest. "I'll die without you. I love you so much baby girl. Marry me. Say yes Y/n please. Marry me and my heart is yours. Keep your job, just come back home, be with me, be my wife. Please baby girl, Marry-" You kissed him. You kissed him and his lips instantly went rough to get you started. He picked you up and led you back to the wall to hold you up against it. He broke the kiss for a second to talk, "Is that a yes?" "Yes." You nodded before you crashed your lips back onto his. He slipped the ring onto your finger as best he could before tossing the box to the side. You'd ask him later when he bought it but for now you were getting lost in his lips. That familiar wave of lust and love hit you and it was the most beautiful feeling in the world. Your entire body called out to him, the greatest reunion that ever existed. "Bedroom?" He panted. "No time." You said panting as well.
He set you on your feet and you headed for the couch while tossing your clothes to the side. Walking around the house naked brought back memories. His beautiful hungry grin painted over his face when he saw you naked. You sat on the arm of the chair and beckoned him to you. He had taken off his shirt and he walked up between your open legs. He cupped your face and kissed you while your hands worked at his pants to take them off. You pushed them down once they were loose and he pulled them down. He was hard and standing up straight. He stuck two fingers in your mouth to suck on them, you licked them with purpose, every bit of you knowing what you had to do to make this feel fucking amazing. He pulled his fingers back and had you lick his palm before he started to jerk himself off between your legs. Your core was heated and aching for him. He was getting himself properly ready for you but you were hungry now. You stuck your fingers in your mouth and licked them up before bringing them to your heat and pushing them inside you. You threw your head back a little moaning out loud, "Ah Daddy come Fuck me." You moaned. He grabbed your hand and pulled it away. He came and crashed his lips over yours, eating you up like you were his last meal. He licked your bottom lip before coming to your neck and licking that specific area that really rang your bell. You released a deep moan getting so wet for him and he kissed your weak spot. "God I missed your voice baby girl." He said. His voice was completely fucked out and neither one of you had done anything yet. "Master Fuck me please." You begged. "Hold on for me baby girl. It's been a year." He said. He dropped down to his knees and you felt his tongue flatten out across your folds and lick you up. His tongue flicked at your clit making you bite your lip and muffle your loud moans. Your hand ran though his hair while he continued to eat you out roughly. He shook his head attacking your clit before sucking on the sensitive nub hard. You threw your head back and gripped his hair, pulling it a little as you screamed, "Oooh god! Fuck! Kiseok." He stood up and kissed you again. He couldn't get enough of your lips. He was finding your entrance as he kissed you and he rammed inside of you making you break the kiss to scream. He lifted your leg onto his shoulder so he could go in deep. His hips moved fast and hard. He wasn't necessarily searching for a release he just needed to fuck you. You were screaming and gripping the couch. You scratched at the pillows and then his back once you wrapped your arms around his neck. Your leg had come down and he had both your legs hooked in his arms while he fucked you senselessly. "Oooh god Master. Don't stop- fucking me." You begged. "Ugh Fuck I missed this tight body." He groaned. He set you on your feet and turned you around before he reentered you. He wrapped his hand around your body while he started fucking you doggy style. Your hands gripped onto the arm of the chair and your body rocked as he went in on you hard. You stood up and turned your head so he could kiss you. You could hear the sound of your bodies slamming hard against each other. Your breast bounced freely before his hands came to scoop them up and tease them. He came to the nape of your neck still moving hard in the hips but he teased your sensitive spot. He pulled out of you to sit down and you got on his lap to face him. You sat down once you got him back to your heat and you rocked your hips hard and aggressive. It was better this way, you could kiss him and stare into his eyes. He made you come for the kiss, each time you tried he slightly shifted his head back. Your body increased in want and need, your hole tightened around him and his hand came around to your ass. He smacked your butt before slipping his finger into your ass, making you moan loudly against his lips. Your swollen clit was throbbing; your body was tight and the coil in your stomach told you, you were coming soon. "Kiseok oppa. Master I'm gonna cum." "Not without me baby girl. Hold it." "I can't." You cried. "Yes you can baby girl, don't come until I give you permission." "Yes Master." You said. You rolled your body harder and faster; you bounced on him quickly, up and down, you could hear the sounds of the couch squeaking. He sucked on your nipples wetting it up so nicely with his tongue then blowing on it making it extra hard. "Fuck, oh. Daddy let me cum I can't take it anymore." He grabbed your hips, "Cum baby girl, let's come together." He said. He aided in your speed and you were just as aggressive. He hit your spot so many times you finally exploded onto him while he drowned your insides with his seed. You panted hard loving the feeling of being back in his arms. You leaned onto his body and hugged him. "You're coming back home?" He said. You nodded sleepy. "Y/n, did you mean it? You'll marry me?" He asked. "Yes Master. I'll marry you." You said. Sleep took over you... When you woke back up, you were under a blanket naked and Kiseok was sitting on the other couch on his computer. You sat up and he looked up at you and smiled seeing you were awake. You missed his smile. You smiled back and this time it was far more genuine than it had been for a while. You looked at the giant bunny beside you and buried your face in it while blushing when Kiseok scrunched his nose. So cute. You felt cozy in the stuffed animal. "When did you get the ring?" You asked him. "I bought it six months before the break up." He answered. "Why didn't you -" "We never talked about marriage and I was still on the fence. I was still seeing women behind your back I felt wrong for asking you to be only mine if I was doing that. I wasn't ready." He said. "You're sure you want to do this?" You asked. "Positive, I'm not losing you again... What are you going to name that thing anyway?" He asked referring to the bunny. "Hm....Seonghwa." you said. "Really?" "What, it's a good name." You said. He chuckled, "Yeah baby girl, it's a good name." "What are you doing anyway?" "I sent men to your place to start packing your furniture up." "Got damn you work fast, how did you find where I lived?" "Research baby girl." he said smiling. He stood up and walked over to you. He sat down beside you and you turned your head to look at him but you held onto the bunny. He smiled and leaned over to peck your lips. "I don't ever want to miss you again." He said. You smiled at him. "I love you." You said. "I love you too. Now stop hugging Seonghwa naked. Come show me some love." He said opening his arms wide to welcome you in. You chuckled and let go of the rabbit and leaned into him. You looked up and the two of you shared a long lasting deep kiss... 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