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I know a lot of you guys have heard about the threatning. Also I know that a lot of you are mad. Me too. Also I don't get to go so who ever is going please help protect him for us. I don't mean to make you mad but don't push fowards so they don't feel mad or so okay? Also you might think you're no help but for real you can help. You can help by keeping look out. Also you can help by recording videos for us too. Also have fun. Also please report if anything happens. Also protect the rest too. Please don't do anything bad. I believe that you guys won't. Please help protect our chimchim. Thank you all for the videos we all have recieved and I'm looking forward to the new ones.
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yeah, the person or people who are behind it are now in really big trouble because all of the armys (intl and karmys) have send all of this to the Korean news and big hit so police are now tracking down the threats
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