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Hello everyone!!

So this quarter I am going to be one of the supporters for the B1A4 community!! I'm not the most familiar with them, but I will work hard to learn more about them and bring you guys awesome content~!!

I was actually suppose to post this card on Sunday since Sundays are my day to post, buuuuuuuutttttt I'm late and I'm extremely sorry;;;; I promise that I will work harder to post on Sundays and every Sunday!!

Anyway, here is a little bit of information about myself so you all can get to know me a little better ^-^
(No, this is not a picture of me.... But it is a picture of the cutie I.M from Monsta X!!!! One of my many bias whom I frequently cheat on~ Hey! You can't blame me!! There's too many gorgeous men out there!! Like Wonho or Minhyuk~ Hmmm)

My name is Nina, but you can always call me Shadow if that is easier for you~

-I've been a fan of kpop for over a year and a half now~ (yes, I am still pretty new to the kpop world, but I feel like I've been trapped here forever!!)
-My favorite kpop groups are EXO, BTS, Big Bang, and Boyfriend, but those are just the groups that I am REALLY familiar with. Like, I've heard all their albums and I can easily tell who's who and what not.
-I love finding new groups and music, so I've been falling more and more for all sorts of groups and I can't wait until I can honestly consider myself part of all of their fandoms ^-^
-Other than kpop, I love watching anime, dancing, singing/rapping, drawing, reading, and writing/coming up with stories.
-I'm not the biggest fan of fanfictions (especially romance ones), but I've been forcing myself to read them since many of you guys are amazing writers and have really interesting stories!! I've recently started writing fanfictionsmyself since I found it's the best way to actually get myself to write, and get comments/critique on my stories and my writing.
-I'm a very happy, chill person and I love to laugh. I am a dirty minded person, so that can get kind of interesting sometimes cX (So feel free to have a fun time getting to know me C:)
-I love DARK stuff!! Like, dark concept music videos are my life!!!! (Horror movies weeeeell I prefer not watching them;; So not everything dark XP)
-I am the moderator for CNBLUE.
-I learned about B1A4 from my friend who showed me their song "Solo Day" and was telling me how it was such a happy music video, but the song was about break ups. From there, I checked out some of their other songs so I could talk about them with my friend. I'm in love with "What's Happening" "Tried To Walk" and "Solo Day", but "Lonely" and "Stay As You Are" are really creeping up on me!!

I am in charge of Gongchan Sundays so please be prepared from dying over the cuteness and sexiness from this man right here!!

(I know I started dying the minute I saw him!!!!!!)

If you would like to be a part of the BANAnas and fall in even more in love with B1A4, then please let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to add you to the taglist ^-^

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Great card! I will see you then!
Awesome! Loved it girlie!! 😄😍😘
Aw thanks boo~~ :D
You'll fall hard for them, as B1A4 are the sweetest group.of boys. Baro and JinYoung both have been in several tv shows and movies.
You sound super cool!!! We are sooo similar omg lets be best friends?