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I was debating what to post for the Highlight album contest, and I thought not many people probably remember the episode of Running Man that DongWoon was in. If you haven't watched it, the episode is very funny. Besides DongWoon, one idol from a number of different groups (BTOB, Vixx, Infinite, etc...) are guests. The mud flats game had me laughing and rewatching.
Here is the full episode with English subs. Watch it on Dramafever.com if you want a much better quality.

The cute maknea of Highlight is also in the series Bromance with fellow member Lee Gi-Kwang. It's on the V app, and it's worth watching the 5 episodes. The two are so cute together, and really seem to relive their childhood.

I tried to post a link but my computer's virus software keeps having a fit.
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I should really watch this..
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Oh I didn't know Dongwoon came on Running Man.
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It's a very funny episode, though I wanna duct tape Ryeowook.
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Ahh.. okay 馃憣馃徏 I get it then xD
10 months ago
im watching this like now!
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