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*A Seungri Smut Story*


Warning: Smut Ahead.... Dont get caught and enjoy the ride (+_+)

As Seung-hyun made his proclamation for the night to begin, Rayven found herself dazed from the aftermath of her orgasm. She had been putting on a brave and sexy face throughout the entire fiasco while trying to keep her emotions buried deep. The billionaire bachelor Seung-hyun running an illicit underground sex club was the story of a lifetime.

She thought she had noticed several other famous public figures and CEOs in the room that she could implicate; this was the kind of exposé that could land her a Pulitzer. She was willing to do anything it took to get all the information out of him that she could. Every time she had tried to interview him in the past, she had been stonewalled.

Now, here she was, sucking his cock while fucking herself in front of an audience. The act was the most disturbing, scandalous, and electrifying thing she had ever done in her life. But she felt this was only the beginning.

“I’m all yours?”

She asked after she was able to regain her senses. He turned and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Naturally, I want to personally welcome you to my underground castle of lust.”
“I...I don’t know how I feel about being treated with such privilege. I hear gaining an audience with you is quite difficult.”

Though she tried to appear aloof, her body told a different tale. She couldn’t control the effect his words had on her. While his arrogant façade of being king made it obvious that he was full of himself, she couldn’t help being enchanted by his strength.

He stood there like a mountain, unshakable and impossibly large. He smiled at her and stepped closer, lifting his arm to cup her breast.

“Forget about others. They don’t matter right now,” he said tenderly.

She felt herself nodding eagerly at his words. Stop that! She mentally screamed at herself.

“Then I am yours,”

She replied, sliding closer to him and placing a hand on his chiseled abdomen.

“For whatever tickles your fancy.”

*At least if I play along, I can get to know him. I can get everything I need to write a story that will blow my editor’s socks off.*

She forced a smile and pressed her body into his as she reached out to cup his balls in her hand. They felt heavy in her hand and she rolled them between her fingers gingerly. He groaned softly and grabbed her wrist, staring into her eyes with a carnal thirst.

“Come with me,”

He demanded as he led her toward the private rooms. She nodded and followed his lead, curious as to where he was going to take her. From Dominic’s description of the private rooms, she half-feared what might await her in the club’s darkest recesses. As they retreated from the crowd, she took one last glance back to the people below the stage and saw that some of them were simply fucking on the floor.

Men and women were in the throes of lust, moaning and grunting as they unleashed their passions publicly. I guess this isn’t a game anymore, she thought to herself. Somehow, it turned her on even more to know that she was part of the reason that so many had surrendered to this state.

She shuddered at the thought and breathed deeply as the scent of sex filled the air. It caused more wetness to gather between her thighs and she could feel little droplets sliding down her leg.

Rayven followed Seung-hyun toward the private rooms, and she remembered what Dominic had said about their cost. However, she was startled when he veered off to the right and took her down a second hallway. There was another staircase that led even deeper underground, and she could feel the heaviness in the air.

She felt her ears popping as the pressure changed, and she had to wonder just how far this club went into the bowels of the earth. She began to feel dizzy, and wondered if she were only dreaming. This dazzling world was too luxurious and erotic to be real. Silently, he continued to walk through the hall. More than once Rayven, found herself looking at his toned ass in awe.

She wondered what physical activities he did to keep in such stellar shape. Boxing, mountain biking, tennis? She wanted to know everything about this mysterious man. It amazed and annoyed her that she had been chasing him for a story for years, and he had been right under her nose all along. Normally, she considered herself immune to attractive men, but in this situation, sex was her weapon.

*I’m going to get a lot more than a mouthful of semen out of you, Seung-hyun. You better watch out. *

The thought of mixing sex with her work in this particular way sent a thrill down her spine and she unconsciously began breathing a little more quickly.

“You’re eager,” he remarked.

She blushed and turned away.

“It’s just all these stairs,” she lied.

She turned back to him and glanced around.

“Where are you taking me, anyway?”
“My private room. I’m going to fuck you senseless until dawn,”

He said without hesitation. His words drew a little gasp from her chest. Rayven felt herself go weak in the knees as he wrapped his arms around her body and held her close against him.

“Please do,”

She begged softly, for she could think of nothing else to say. There was nothing she wanted more in this moment. Seung-hyun lifted his hand to lightly trace her jaw.

“Just trust me, love. I’ll take care of you tonight.”

She could see the primal passion in his eyes and it rattled her. She had always seen him as a calm and collected man that maintained control of every situation. It’s why he was one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

But now, he was more raw and wild than she could have ever imagined.

*Is it this place? Or just me?*

Rayven wondered to herself. * The bartender says he rarely gets involved.*

So why tonight?

She didn’t even realize that she had forgotten to breathe for a moment. Her body was on fire and she stepped into his body to press herself against him.

“I trust you, Do whatever you want to me.”

*That’s right, Seung-hyun. Let me see all your dirty secrets. The world will truly know who you really are… and so will I.*
Seung-hyun looked hard at Rayven. His arms snaked around her and he shoved her against the wall. She struggled for a fleeting moment before giving in and letting out a gasp. He didn’t understand what it was, but something about this woman set him ablaze.

His lips crashed against her neck and his teeth sunk into the flesh.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned.

He lifted her slightly against the wall and put a knee between her legs. It held her in place and he could feel her slick juices sliding out of her pussy and leaking onto his leg. His cock was raging and ached for more release. He could feel her grinding her clit against his leg as her body shuddered.

He smiled against her neck and lifted his hand to knead her breast. The soft flesh felt divine in his hand. Her breast fit perfectly within his cupped fingers, with her erect nipples kissing his palm. He lifted his knee and her along with it so that he could lean over and take a breast into his mouth.

“Oh my god,”

She said breathlessly as she continued to gyrate her hips against his knee. This wanton abandon was unlike her, but she felt helpless in the throes of ecstasy.

“What are you doing to me?”

He murmured, lifting his knee to increase the pressure. He leaned close to her ear to whisper in a throaty voice:

“Come on. Fuck yourself on my leg like a bitch in heat.”

Rayven gasped at the filthy command, but her body seemed to react in compliance before she could object. She mashed her soaked pussy against his muscled thigh, and Seung-hyun placed his hands on either side of her buttocks to help guide her motions.

He went back to attacking her nipple with his tongue until she cried and moaned against him. He used his teeth to firmly bite and pull at the flesh, until screams of pleasure were ripped from her throat. The sounds echoed throughout the dark hallway. Her nails dug into his shoulders and he could feel the faint trickle of blood flow down his back.

“I want you,”

She whispered weakly, as she clung to his neck. She pressed her lips against the side of his jaw, kissing him gently and tasting the musky sweat that had gathered there.

“Be patient, We have time.”

Rayven felt dizzy as she reached down to grasp his massive cock.

“Fuck me,”

She requested, wrapping her legs around him and trying to angle her body so that he entered her.

“No, I don’t do that.”
“What? What are you talking about? You just said you were going to fuck me senseless.”
“Not like that, I don’t have vaginal intercourse with women I meet in my club.”

Rayven stared at him in confusion. *This stupid mother fucker. He better not..*

She gasped out when she felt two of his fingers slide into her. She had no time to contemplate his cryptic words before she felt his fingers pumping rhythmically in and out of her wetness. Her spine curved and her head fell back against the wall as he impaled her aggressively.

She moaned out loudly as she gripped his body. Her stomach was on fire and she craved him desperately.

“Please, Just fuck me.”
“No,” he whispered.

To assuage her need, he inserted a third finger into the slick slit of her pussy. He rotated his wrist slowly before resuming the pumping motion of his arm. He continued to hold her steady with his other arm as he finger fucked her, making sure to pay attention to her clit with his thumb.

The sight of her shapely, tanned body writhing against his hand aroused him to a level he hadn’t thought possible. He wanted to throw her onto the ground and drive himself into her mercilessly, just like the animals that inhabited his club. He had always felt like he was superior to them due to his ability to stay in control, but being around Rayven made this challenging.

She was beginning to pierce his defenses, and stripping him of his self-control.

“I’m going to make you come,”

He said softly as he curled his fingers inside of her, violently massaging her g-spot. Rayven gasped as her hips jerked involuntarily.

“You’re going to have a mind-blowing orgasm, the likes of which you have never felt.”

He continued moving his fingers expertly inside her, like a concert pianist playing a sonata. Her eyes rolled back into her head as his fingers invaded her most sensitive region. Her hips moved wildly against his hand, her screams growing louder as the pleasure tore through her body in brutal waves.

“You’re close,”

He told her, gently kissing her neck.

“I can feel you trembling. Just let go, love. I want you to enter nirvana.”

Rayven wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to him for dear life as he continued to ravage her insides.


She whispered brokenly as the earth-shattering orgasm overwhelmed her. Her body quivered against him as though she were in the throes of a small seizure, and her toes curled as a wail was emitted from her lips. Seung-hyun held her close as she shuddered in his arms. He could feel the muscles of her pussy clenching and twisting around his fingers as the vicious gush of liquid erupted from her depths.

He pressed himself against her, enjoying every twitch and spasm as the sensations washed over her. Her body slumped against him quite suddenly and he caught her in his arms. He looked down at her limp body with a satisfied smile. Somehow, seeing her like this had caused a sense of calm to settle over him. She was no longer simply some woman he wanted to fuck, but someone he felt an urge to take care of.

Her pleasure had been so intense that she was no longer conscious, and this pleased him greatly. He had not given in to his own carnal lust, but he had quenched hers. Seung-hyun shifted her in his arms and began carrying her the rest of the way down the hall, toward his private quarters.

*Sleep deeply while you can, Rayven. The night isn’t over yet.*

Silentlyy, he carried her into the room and set her down onto the bed. He pulled the covers over her gently. He gazed down at her for a moment, and once he was satisfied that she was resting soundly, he stepped away. His strides took him to the center of the bedroom where he took a seat upon the floor and crossed his legs in a meditative style.

He allowed his lungs to take deep breaths as he refocused his mind. The tremendous sexual energy he had been feeling before began to wash away from his body. It was replaced with tranquility instead as he continued his breathing. This meditation was the only way he could keep himself under control. He didn’t think that anything had ever affected him like Rayven had, and he was afraid to find out why.

For months he had been dodging her requests for interviews, thinking she was hardly worth his time. Though he knew her reputation as an excellent reporter, there was little she could offer him. Now that he had seen her of course, he realized that he had been completely mistaken. There was more zeal and courage in her than he could have believed possible.

Feelingg refreshed, he uncrossed his legs and rose to his feet. His meditation had allowed his mind to become centered once more, and he felt in control again. Seung-hyun took a few steps over to his desk, and sat down on the custom-made ergonomic chair.

Leaning back, he allowed his mind to continue to ponder the woman resting on his bed. He turned the chair to face her more fully and lightly strummed his fingertips on the armrest of his chair. *I have you now, Rayven,* he thought to himself. *You and that brilliant mind of yours. You’re mine.*

As he formed his plan in his head, he was startled by a loud growl from his stomach. He looked down in surprise, realizing that he hadn’t eaten all day. Normally, he would have ordered someone to bring him a meal, but with Rayven sleeping peacefully, he decided to wait. He was sure that it wouldn’t take too long for her to stir from her post-orgasmic nap. The fact that it was his methods that had put her in such a state was more than a little gratifying to him.

It wasn’t often that he got a woman so worked up so much that she gushed fluid like a fire hydrant and passed out immediately afterward. *Rest well, Miss Chase. I still have plans for you, and you’re going to need your energy.*

^_^ Stay focus xD

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