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Hello beautiful ARMY!!! I have been given the honor to mod for The BTS Q2 ! I'll try my best to expand our wonderful community along with all of my fellow ARMY. ♡

So in our community we have 2 spots open for support ! The first spot open is our adorable leader !

And the second spot open is our gummy smiled cutie Min Yoongi !

Now here are the requirements:

-Must love BTS
-Must have a Kakao account
- Creativity is Key !!
-Must be available to post on members given day every week !
- Must work well with others
-Must be active and attentive to the group chat *this doesnt mean you have you post every day but be up to date with the chat and announcements*

Thats pretty much it , now to apply simply send me a message on Vingle with your Kakao username and answer the following questions:

1). Who would you like to support and why ?
2). Your favorite BTS song and why?
3). Why do you love BTS?
4). Who is your BTS Bias and why?

If chosen i will message you on Kakao this Friday! Good Luck everyone !! :D


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This is a great goal. The Yoongi position makes me want to be more active...
You should apply ! 😄
Never mind. I read that wrong
What username can I send the message to?
can I apply for Namjoons spot? :3 I don't have a kakao account but if I get chosen I could easily make one :) and posting on a given day shouldn't be to hard <:3
That would have been fine ☺
@MicMallow just in case you wanted to
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