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Otaku Test: Series
Good Luck
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I see 11 1.) One Piece 2.) Naruto 3.) One Punch Man 4.) Tokyo Ghoul 5.) Fairy Tail 6.) Parasyte 7.) Dragon Ball Z 8.) Attack on Titan 9.) Bleach 10.) Death Note 11.) Fullmetal Alchemist
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@SimplyAwkward xD damn it I thought you found another one I was about to be like so cool i couldn't see that before xD
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One piece Naruto Tokyo ghoul Bleach Parasyte Fairy tail Full metal alchemist Dragon ball Death note Shingeki no kyoujin One punch man
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I see 11...
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i see 13
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and the second iteam i think is the black straps flying on the sides
8 months ago
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