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Sorry I didn't post sooner, I know it's been like, 3 months. I finally got to a point where I could stop, so here's PART 10.
Sighing, I decided I’d just do my best and so turned on the music and listened to the song at least fifty times, getting the timing and the rhythm and reading through the lyrics several times, trying to find the best way to sing the song. Then, when I knew the music well, I practice several different ways of singing it. I tried one thing, then later changed it to see if it was better. I completely lost track of time, and didn’t realize it had been hours when the door was opened and I looked up at the newcomer. They were hazy for a moment, then I blinked and my vision cleared. “How does it sound?” Si-Kyung asked. “I have no idea,” I admitted. “Want to listen?” “Yes.” So, he sat in while I sang the way that I thought had sounded best. This was of course, when he stepped in and advised me to go up here, or to go down here, or to hold out the note there. By the end of his coaching, it sounded really, really good. “Good, let’s record it.” “What?” my eyes widened. “Why else would you practice this for hours? Come,” he set everything up to record. We recorded it about three different times to get the frequency and the sound just right, and finally were done. “Excellent. Take this thumb drive to the boss so he can listen to it.” “Okay,” I bowed and left the recording room, headed for the boss’s office. On the way, I went by the classroom and found VIXX being tested in English. I couldn’t help but listen a bit to see how they were doing. I tried to teach them a variety of subjects and not stick to just general things like colors. They were doing pretty well, if I did say so myself. “You should not eavesdrop.” I jumped and spinned around to see the boss standing there with a raised eyebrow. I bowed, “I apologize, I didn’t mean to be rude. I was bringing this to you.” “Ah, excellent, thank you,” he took the thumb drive, “Do you mind if I call on you from time to time to do these small tasks?” ‘That was a small task?’ I thought, resisting the urge to make a face. “Will I get paid extra?” I grinned playfully. “Yes. A bit. It is outside of the contract for which you were hired, and therefore is extra work, so you will get paid a little extra.” “Oh…okay. Thank you,” I was surprised at how serious he was. “I’ll listen to this, you are dismissed for today.” “Yes sir,” I watched him head back in the direction of his office, taking the thumb drive. I wondered if I could stay and check on VIXX, but decided it wouldn’t be good to get caught twice, just in case. So, for now, I’d head home and work on Daesung’s scarf.
The next day I sent a message to Daesung, letting him know that the scarf was done. /That was fast/ *Well I had a lot of free time yesterday* /Cool. You can bring it by today whenever/ *Okay. I’ll be over soon* Getting dressed, I headed back to YG Ent…again. The same guard was there from yesterday, and he seemed surprised to see me again. However, he looked at my bag and realized that I was bringing more gifts. Looking at his phone, he nodded to me. “Sixth floor.” I grinned at him and bowed slightly, “Thank you again.” He merely nodded in response and I made my way to the elevator. I took it to the 6th floor and expected Daesung to be waiting there, just like GD and Lisa were the other day. However, that was not the case. Instead, the doors opened to a flurry of activity, people walking all around and just being…busy. Timidly, I stepped onto the floor, searching for Daesung. I hoped he was within sight range. I was going to text him when a shadow fell across me. “Can I help you?” the woman asked. She seemed like a no-nonsense type of persons, so I straightened up and smiled warmly. “Good morning. I am here delivering a package for Mr. Daesung,” I tried to sound official. “I can give it to him for you.” “Oh thank you very much. He specifically ordered this to be delivered as soon as possible, so it’s of dire importance that he get it as soon as you can find him.” She looked at the bag with surprise and slight confusion, but took it from me nodding, “I will get it to him as soon as possible.” “Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day, work hard,” I wished, went back into the elevator, and down to the first floor. In the elevator, I texted Daesung. *I just delivered your gift. I gave it to a lovely woman who looked very scary* /LOL! I just got it. Apparently, she was told that it was of dire importance?/ *Well, it was* /Hahahaha. Thank you, I love the color and it’s so soft and warm/ *I’m so glad! I hope you have a good day!* Satisfied, I headed towards the exit, but the guard stopped me before I could exit, “What is it?” I asked. “There is a man outside who was following you. He tried entering the building but I stopped him.” “Following me? Here? But…that doesn’t make sense.” “If you like, you can wait here for a while until he leaves. I’ll make sure no harm comes to you.” “…that’s very kind of you.” “You are a friend to those who employ me.” “Well, thank you again. I’d like to see who it is, if you don’t mind. I might be able to identify him.” “Very well,” the guard stepped aside and as I looked at the person who was sitting on a concrete piece of wall across the way, I found myself confused, “Leo?” “You know him?” “Yes, but why he’s here I don’t know. He’s my student, and a friend. It’s safe. Thank you for protecting me.” He nodded and I smiled warmly in gratefulness, then exited the building and walked up to Leo, who stood up to greet me. “You shouldn’t be out here in the cold, but I’m glad that the scarf I gave you is keeping you warm.” “It is warm. Thank you. What are you doing here? And why did the guard know you by name?” “It’s a bit of a story.” He gave me his “no-nonsense-Leo” look and I sighed, “Let’s get you out of the cold first. There’s a nice café which caters to people seeking privacy,” I walked beside him, leading him to the café where Lisa and I had gone to. Walking in, they looked at me and Leo. I nodded silently, and they looked back at me with a nod, before leading us to a private booth. “You seem quite knowledgeable and comfortable in this type of setting,” he accused. “Before you accuse me of anything let me explain.” So, I proceeded to explain meeting GD, getting my phone, and I showed him the embarrassing selfie that we took on that first day, and some of our text messages. Then, I explained about Lisa and the CD recording, and GD getting us together as friends, and how we continued the friendship, talking when we could, I showed him that selfie we took together. Then, I explained about the gifts and Daesung requesting one, and finally, I was silent. “Please Leo, I’m not trying to hid my connection, but I don’t want it to cause anyone trouble. I don’t want any misunderstandings like you had today.” He nodded, still silent, and that’s when I realized something that hadn’t occurred to me before in my desire to clear up the misunderstanding. “Wait…why are you here?” He looked away guiltily and I narrowed my eyes at him, “Leo,” I said in a hardened voice.
(Leo POV) I hadn’t seen much of her for a few days and I wanted to check on her. The thoughts came back – where was she? Who was she with? What did she do? I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I headed for her apartment; following her had worked before. She left about midmorning with a gift bag in hand and got on the subway. Making sure I didn’t attract attention (and really in a subway who would think of seeing me?), I followed her to her destination: YG Entertainment. Why was she at YG? I tried entering but the guard stopped me, “Do you have an appointment?” “I am here for Miss Smith,” I tried entering again but he stopped me again. “Then you can wait,” he gave an intimidating stance. I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I stepped back and sat on a short, concrete wall across from the building, and waited. It was cold, but I didn’t feel it – my curiosity and my new scarf kept me more than warm. I didn’t have to wait too long, soon, I saw her exiting the building – speaking to the guard on her way out. So, he did know her personally? She looked directly at me with a confused but not happy look, “You shouldn’t be out here in the cold, but I’m glad that the scarf I gave you is keeping you warm.” “It is warm. Thank you. What are you doing here? And why did the guard know you by name?” “It’s a bit of a story.” I gave her a scowl and she sighed, “Let’s get you out of the cold first. There’s a nice café which caters to people seeking privacy,” and so she led me to a café nearby. There was silent communication by the staff, who seemed familiar with her, and then we were seated in a private booth. “You seem quite knowledgeable and comfortable in this type of setting,” I couldn’t help but notice. “Before you accuse me of anything let me explain.” She explained, with much evidence, her friendships with GD and Lisa and of recent, Daesung, and how the guard knew her by name. Finally, she finished and looked at me with a pleading look, “Please Leo, I’m not trying to hid my connection, but I don’t want it to cause anyone trouble. I don’t want any misunderstandings like you had today.” I nodded silently, willing to forgive her for telling me everything that she had. I was glad that I knew now, what she had been doing. It was then that she said what I had dreaded for a while “Wait…why are you here?” I looked away, trying to think of how to explain to her why I was there. “I was worried; you had been acting oddly and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” “So you followed me?” “Yes,” I decided I’d already done the deed, I would face up to my actions. She sighed, “You know in America, we call that stalking, and anyway, should you be working on your new album? What about the others? Don’t they realize you’re missing?” “The others were very understanding—“ “Wait…are you all in on it?” “Not…exactly.” Her eyes narrowed, “Let’s get you back to headquarters,” she stood up and I knew it wasn’t going to be good. We took a taxi back to Jellyfish instead of the subway, and when we got back, she headed straight for the dance practice room that we’d been using and opened the door without knocking, “I am here to give you back my stalker,” she pushed me into the room. I could see them all sigh – I’d been caught. “Please continue working hard on your new album. You can’t afford to be distracted now, and this is certainly not helping. He was out in the cold, and he needs to make sure, you all need to make sure, that you keep your health otherwise all of your fans will be worried sick, me included.” “We understand,” Hakyeon stepped up and they all bowed in apology. “Good. Now, back to work please,” she bowed as well and left the room. “So you got caught,” Hyuk groaned. “You were supposed to not get caught.” “She was at YG! I had to know what she was doing there.” “YG? Are they scouting her?” “I don’t know. She doesn’t seem to think so,” and I proceeded to tell them the shortened version of her introduction to GD. “Wow, talk about luck, right?” Hongbin whistled. “To be friends with GD would be so cool.” Now that their curiosity had been settled, we focused on the dance. I made sure that I was completely focused: I didn’t want to disappoint Michelle when the album got released. She would never forgive any of us if we didn’t do our best.
(Michelle POV) “I can’t believe them!” I ranted in the enclosed studio Leo tended to use. I was so confused about how I felt right now. I started dissecting my feelings and why they were so jumbled. First, I was upset because Leo had obviously been put up to it by the other guys, but he didn’t want to blame anyone. He would never do such a thing on his own after all, he was completely devoted to his craft. I mean, were they insane? Telling him to follow her in the cold? He needed to be careful and not lose his voice for their recording coming up in their new album. Honestly. Second, I felt embarrassed and a little happy because I was so important to them, enough that they would possibly sacrifice Leo (poor Leo, getting used like that). How many people, especially girls, could say that VIXX specifically cared about her enough to have her followed. I mean, yes, they loved their STARLIGHTS and would do anything for them, because their fans are the ones that help them continue to grow, and drive them to work harder. They were truly devoted. And third, I felt insulted because they couldn’t trust me enough that they had to have me followed. Sure, they said that they were doing it for my health, but Leo wasn’t just looking at me with worry when I was talking to him, he had an accusatory and betrayed look in his eyes. The other guys must have convinced him that something was going on. I’m just glad that I got it straightened up and now they’d have no reason to doubt me. Frustrated, I tinkered at the piano for a bit, not really playing anything. Finally, a song came to me, and I started playing the piano. “If I told you this was only gonna hurt If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would you walk in? Would you let me do it first? Do it all in the name of love Would you let me lead you even when you're blind? In the darkness, in the middle of the night In the silence, when there's no one by your side Would you call in the name of love?” I continued singing along with the piano version. I hadn’t sang in English in a long while – I’d been focusing on Korean all the time, especially with all of the singing that the boss had be doing lately. At the end, I felt a little bit better – I had at least calmed down. Now, I would leave and continue enjoying my day off. I was just leaving when I got a text from Lisa. /Can you come to YG? I wanted to ask you a question about one of the sections of the song you recorded/ *Sure. I’ll be there in a bit* I puzzled, wouldn’t she just make it her own? Confused, I headed back to YG (this was becoming a pattern). What could she possibly need me for?