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Fairy Tail is honestly my favorite 50+ episode anime. ;-; It was a couple years ago I started watching it, and I got hooked easily! I've been a fan ever since. Watched every new episode and every new manga update.
Getting into the actual show, for those who have or have not watched it. The story follows Lucy Heartfilia. A young mage/wizard who is just in need of a guild to join. (A group of people with the same insignia who do requests and jobs for money) But not any guild; the famous 'Fairy Tail' guild. She's heard so many good thing about the guild that she thought it was perfect for her. Yes, she does get into the guild. (Not much of a spoiler) But little did she know it was also the most... "rambunctious". Then following the adventures of her and her team (Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, and Happy the Exceed).
I honestly think that of you haven't seen Fairy Tail, and you're into the 'Adventure' and 'Fantasy' genre. This anime is for you!
Experience the heartbreaks, friendships, and trust between friends as they head out on multiple journeys together!
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My favorite anime/manga, I re watch it TOO many times, I literally have all the episodes downloaded on my laptop (which includes OVAs and fillers)