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Hey! I'm back to share another awesome Mystic Messenger fic! So I finished a run on Jaehee's route a few days ago (still needed her normal ending), and started reading this while I was in pursuit. Idk about you all, but I personally felt she had a lot of potential which was squandered; she totally got jipped, imo. This fic, however, gave me everything I didn't even know I wanted!

This card will only contain chapter 1 (there are currently 22 chapters; I think the author mentioned he was expecting to stop at 35, give or take?), but if you want me to periodically share the rest (daily? weekly?), please let me know in the comments (I'll keep an eye out for updates!), or you can go read the whole thing HERE! If you like it, be sure to follow that link and drop farleythewill some kudos!

Sorry about all the preamble! I'll get on with it now!

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

Chapter 1: My Friend...

I love you...but you don't love me...or do you? You must love me...but maybe, you just care about me as a friend. You said those things...all those things...do you really mean them? Or are you just trying to repay everything I told you? I don't understand...but I know you care about me...but just how much...do you love me?

    A dead silence fills the room, as you let out a short gasp, loud enough to gain the attention of all the party guests, as well as the other RFA members. "D...do you mean it,? Do...do you really want me in your life?" You look into the eyes of the beautiful brunette you have longed to see, Jaehee Kang, and felt weak with joy, as if your whole life was lifted into the clouds, a warm feeling of love wrapping around your essence.

    "Yes, I do," Jaehee responds, "Of course I do. You...you're the reason why I'm standing here. No one has ever made me feel the way you do. Your sweet words of encouragement...your kindness...it's shown me a world that I have forgotten about...and I don't want to let that go...I don't want to let go of you..." She blushes just a little, noticing the crowd staring at the two women.

    Everyone was in shock, including the men of the RFA. The only member that did not seem tense was Jumin Han, the man that Jaehee worked under for the last two and a half years. "Hmph. She finally admits it..." Jumin states, softly.  Yoosung, the young gamer of the RFA, looks up at Jumin, dazed. "Did...did she confess herself to her?"

    "No, I don't think that's the case," Jumin states. "I know Assistant Ka...I mean, Jaehee, very well, but this isn't a love proposal." You overhear Jumin's words, crying a little on the inside. You knew what Jaehee meant, that she wants to be together forever, and partners for her new life and work, but you can't shake the feeling that there was more to it. You know that same-sex couples are looked down upon in the area, as if they are such a minority to the world, that they shouldn't even exist. You love Jaehee, but you also know the limitations of what your relationship could be.

    Jaehee returns to look into your eyes, seeing tears forming in them. Finally getting to see you in person was exciting, but to see you cry shortly after made her sad.

    "Did I say something wrong? I mean...I've been bottling that question for the last two days, and couldn't wait to ask and see what her answer was...but this...why are you crying? Please...don't cry...," Jaehee thought to herself, her instincts telling her to embrace her best friend, wanting to calm her. Before she was able to do so, she suddenly felt the warm sensation of a hug.

    You grip your arms around Jaehee's waist, clutching the key she gave you tightly in her hand. "Of course I do! You silly...I've been wanting to hear those words for the longest time!" You burst into tears, your head placed perfectly on top of Jaehee's chest, drops of water dripping onto her blouse. Jaehee remains in shock, not caring about the world around her. In this moment, it is just her and you, alone, for the first time since you logged into her life. Just as you realize what's actually happening, you lift your head, looking into her eyes again. "Does...does this mean we get to move in together?" Jaehee smiles back, and returns the embrace, bringing your body closer to her's. "Of course. I need to be able to take care of you, since you've been cooped up in that apartment for the last 10 days."

    Zen, one of the older members of the RFA, as well as Jaehee's idol,  blinks, refreshing his eyes from his staring. "Is...is this actually happening? God...this...this is...." his eyes begin to water, tearing up easily, "...so beautiful...I can't believe I'm seeing Jaehee at her happiest. And our new friend...she's as beautiful as I hoped she would be. I know she chose her over me, but...I can't help but be happy for them..." Jumin coughs, interupting Zen's trance. "They are best friends, Zen, nothing more. Though, I do admit...I, too, feel joy to see her happy. Don't you think so, Yoosung? ...huh, Yoosung?"

    The young, blonde man is on his knees, balling his voilet eyes into his hankerchief, blowing his nose in the process. "I'm...I'm just so happy...to see them together...I want something like that!!!" Jumin reaches down, and picks him up by the collar, standing him back onto his feet. "Hey! What...what was that for?!" Jumin looks around, catching eyes with all of the other party guests. The fashion model. The oil prince. Even the leader of Yoosung's LOLOL guild. "I apologize for his...actions. Please, procede with the enjoyment of the party. I will tend to the association's party coordinator and her friend," Jumin states loudly, assuring the party guests comfort.

    You loosen her grip on Jaehee, smiling. "Thank you...I mean it. You mean a lot to me, and I don't want to let go of you either. I want to be by your side forever." Your partner returns the smile, tearing up as well. "I...I can't help but feel alive when you say that," she closes her eyes, tears falling down her cheeks, "you really are a treasure, you know. Thank you for choosing me." The sound of soft clapping startles the two, forcing them to look at Jumin, who has already approached them, softly smiling at the two.

    "Congratulations, Ms. Kang. I knew you were wanting to talk to her a lot more than the others. Still...I want to ask you to, at least for now, tone it down a bit, " he asks, looking more like his usual, serious self. Jaehee smiles back, laughing a bit. "You're still upset that I called your name out? You should have known I would do something once I found you talking to her. And yes, again," Jaehee takes your arm, and clings it under her own, "you cannot have her as your assistant. I forbid it." You give a sigh of relief, just dreading the thought of working under Mr. Han, having to take care of all his petty projects, as well as his cat, Elizabeth 3rd.

    "You know what I mean, Jaehee. I could tell that the guests were feeling a bit...uncomfortable  during that scene. I know today's an emotional day for you, but it's the same for all of us. V isn't here, Luciel is probably hiding, recording the whole thing, and Rika..." The three look down in silence, remembering that this party wouldn't have been successful if it weren't for the combined efforts of V and Rika, creating Rika's Fundraising Association, the RFA.

    Jumin clenches his fists in anger, as if remembering a moment that tortured him for the longest time. "V...why did you have to say such things...you should be here right now, you lying bastard..." Jaehee looks up at Jumin, startled. She never saw him this upset. In fact, she rarely got to see him show any kind of emotion at all.

    "Jumin? Are you OK? And what do you mean of V being a liar," she thought to herself, still holding onto you. Jumin's previous assistant looked into his face, giving the same stern look that she had when you first known about her. "Don't worry, Mr. Han. We can all finally enjoy the party, now since she made her presence known." You pop your eyes open, hearing that voice. That emotionless tone. It reminded you of when you first logged into the app, intruding on the five members by accident.

    Jumin opened his eyes as well, calming himsef down, hearing the same town that he has heard since Jaehee started working under him, and adjusts his necktie. "Th-thank you, Assistant Kang. I'll talk with the other guests, and see if they are alright." She winks at him, smiling. "And that's the last time I will call you 'Mr. Han,' and you call me 'Assistant Kang,' okay?"

    Jumin gives a small smile, then walks away, just as the other two, Zen and Yoosung, meet up with you. "Wooow...you two really are something," Zen says, smiling, still trying to dry his eyes. Both you and Jaehee widen your eyes, noticing how much both of them cried, Yoosung still sniffling from his reaction. "Y...yeah...I'm so happy for you two...so happy...," the gamer softly said, looking up at the women. "I...I'm touched, you two...," Jaehee says softly, "but, this isn't all that much to make a fuss over. I want to live my life with her from now on, and open a small business with her."

    "A...a small business? Is...is this what you meant by 'will you be my partner,'" you thought to yourself, clenching the key tighter in your hand, feeling the smooth edges of Jaehee's proposal. Zen and Yoosung both stared in disbelief, then sigh in unison. "Oh, ok. Well...I'm just happy that you were able to find your one, special someone, Jaehee," Yoosung managed to squeak out, shaking from weakness due to his emotional breakdown. Zen, breathing a bit better, wipes his eyes again, blinking more to restore his vision. "Jaehee, do you know what kind of business you want to open up?"

    Jaehee tilts her head to the side, slightly looking up, as if she were recalling a previous engagement. "Hmm...well, I have to consult my partner about it. Though, we don't have to make the decision right away. Isn't that right?" She looks down at you, while you're deep in thought.

    "I love you...but I'm just your business partner...no, I know I'm more than that...we're inseperable, irreplacable...but why...why don't you love me the way I love you?"

    Jaehee extends her index finger, and slowly presses it against your temple, poking you repeatedly. "Hey...hey...are you there? Are you okay?" Finally, you snap out of your trance, and look around, seeing that Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee are locked onto your eyes, appearing to be worried. "You kind of spaced out there, silly. Don't scare me like that again," Jaehee states with her new, calm, loving voice. Hearing the sound of her words, you smile back, laughing. "Sorry, sorry...I was just thinking of what kind of business we should run as well." Jaehee sighs, gripping your arm a bit more, surprising you once again, not being used to this treatment. She then looks up, and notices Jumin motioning her to come over. "Oh, I guess Jumin needs me. If you excuse me, gentlemen. And you? Don't let Zen take you away from me.." She laughs softly, and walks over to her ex-boss. Yoosung turns around, and starts to walk away as well. "I'll be back, you two. I made such a mess of myself, I have to clean up."

    Zen looks down at you, seeing you clench the key tighter and tighter. "Hey, let's sit down. How about over there?" He points to the empty table in the far corner of the room. "Jaehee said that I can't take you away from her, but at least this way, she's still within eyesight of you, so she shouldn't give me dirty looks," he says, with a soft laughter followed. You look over at the table, then back at Jaehee, who is deep into her conversation with the party-goers. "Oh...okay, Zen."

    As you both sit down at the round table, Zen lets out a long sigh, placing both elbows on the table, resting his chin on his hands. "You know...I sincerely feel that this is the happiest Jaehee has been ever since she joined the RFA. I know I keep saying this...but thank you." You look up, softly smiling after hearing Zen's peaceful words. "I should be the one thanking you all. Without you five, and without that hacker, I wouldn't be here...who knows what I would be doing...but just thinking about my not being here...means that Jaehee would still be working for Jumin." Zen loses some color to his crimson eyes. "Yeah...she would still be suffering if it weren't for you...but why did you bring up the hacker," he asks, locking eyes again on you. "Well..." you begin, "if it weren't for that Unknown person, then I wouldn't have been lured to Rika's apartment, which means I wouldn't have been able to meet you five right here, right now...wait...where is Seven, anyways?"

    Just as you ask the question, you feel a soft poke to the back of you head. "Fooooound you." You jump out of your seat, only to see Luciel, also known as Seven, behind her. "Hey-yo! I finally get to meet the princess of the RFA! I'm so happy I could fly!!" Seven then grabs you, and swings you around, as if you two were a couple who haven't seen each other for years. Before he could yell out Seven's name, Zen began to feel the aura of a protective woman slowly erupting.

    As he turned his head to look, Zen locks his glance with Jaehee, who is looking directly at Seven with an aggrivated look. She was about to walk over, but was stopped instantly by Zen's hand, motioning that he will take care of it. Jaehee sighed in relief, and continued to converse with her company. Zen smiles, then looks over at Seven, who is still swinging you around. "Yaaay, my treasure came to me, like from a dream!!" Zen quickly gets up, and grabs Seven by the back of his collar, stopping his spinning. "Zen, what are you doing!? Why are you ruining my happiness," Seven yelps out, acting as if he's crying. "Settle down, Seven. She isn't yours. She's Jaehee's. Have you already forgotten about all the conversations those two had? Did you not see their performance just now?!"

    Seven grins, laughing. "Of course, I did. I'm just happy that I finally get to meet the one who was able to make the robot become human again...oh! There's Yoosung! Come here, my precious toy!" Without wasting a minute, Seven rushes over to the blonde male. Zen, rolling his eyes from Seven's actions, looks over at your dazed, dizzy face, all life drained out of your body. Worried, Zen goes over to you, and slightly shakes your lifeless body. "Hey? Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" You stir slightly, still dizzy. "Y-yeah...I'm alright...just...wow...that's Seven, huh? He's...more active than I thought he would be..."

    Zen laughs out of relief, and sits back down. "Yeah, he's a character...but...I do have a question to ask you. And be honest..." You snapped back to reality, looking into Zen's crimson eyes again. "Oh? What is it?" Zen's gaze darkened a bit, seeming more serious. "I would like to know..." He then pauses briefly, looking over at Jaehee, who is still conversing in her group.

    "...are you in love with her?"

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