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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here! I'm super excited to be able to mod for my precious sweethearts for another quarter, but this card isn't about me. This card is about the nine amazing people who were willing to help me and even jumped at the chance! We have three new comers, but the others should be familiar faces for ya! I really hope you have fun with us this quarter, and I hope you enjoy the addition to our team as much as I do! Finally, it's time to introduce the squad!! Lets go!
On Mondays the lovely @chaerica will be covering Jinho!
I will be covering the wonderful leader Hoetaek for the second time, only om Tuesdays this time!
The lovely @xoxorittie will be covering Hongseok on Thursdays!
My wonderful King @JiyongLeo will be covering the lovely Hyojong on Sundays! (THAT JAW LINE THOUGG)
The one and only @yehetmyohorat97 will be covering Shinwon on Fridays!
The lovely @MelissaGarza will be joining us to cover our beautiful Channgu on Thursdays!
The lovely @InfinitySky will be covering our China Prince Yanan on Wednesdays!
The amazing @AlexisJ15 will be representing our Japanese beauty Yuto on Fridays!
The beautiful @mgb3t will be back at it, covering Hyunggu with Kino Sundays!
@Changkyunie will be returning to represent the wonderful maknae on Saturdays!
If you would like to be added or removed from our tag list leave a comment on this card! Thank you guys! Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful
Congratulations to you all!
😍😍😍 So excited to represent my love again!~~~ Stan talent, Stan Pentagon~