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Hey Otakus!

This card is literally a BIG Head's Up on all of the Fun Challenges & Events The Mod Crew ( @OtakuDemon10 & @AmazingAshley) & I have planned for you guys this Quarter!

Weekly Themed Days!

What I love about The Anime Community is when we all Share something we Love about Anime and why not make special days to keep sharing that love! Though there aren't themes for every single day just because I dont want you guys to feel Overwhelmed or Stressed to make cards We just want you to have fun❤

The Themes are....

Monday : Man Crush Monday (Just Like Waifu Wednesday's only Manlier xD)

Tuesday : (REST DAY)

Wednesday : Waifu Wednesday (A Day to Share and Glorify our Favorite Anime Waifus)

Thursday : (REST DAY)

Friday : Funny Fridays ( All of us share a Random Funny Moment form our Favorite Animes xD)

Saturday : Sail or Fail #ShipsSaturday (Has your Favorite Ship Sailed or Failed? Basically A Different Ship War every week xD)

Sunday : (REST DAY)

Special Games!

I've made some Anime Screenshot Games In the Past but I want to widen my horizons for you guys because I love making things more fun! Here are some ideas!

Games We Could Do....

- Screenshot Anime Games! (Click (1) Here (2) To (3) See (4) Some)

- Guess That Anime! (Can you guys guess Which Anime it is with only some background Pics?)

- F.M.K Anime Edition! (Who would you Fuck, Marry, or Kill xD)

- Anime Otaku Quiz! ( Can your Otaku Memory remember hardcore facts about your Favorite Animes?)

(Or if you guys have some Game ideas dont be shy and comment down below!)


This time the stakes are HIGH! We will be having a Giveaway guys and I can tell you a big Spoiler right now... There will not be not 1... not 2... not 3... not even 4.... BUT 5 WINNERS!!! So keep your eyes peeled for that SUPER ANIME GIVEAWAY Announcement Card!!
So that's all of the hype comming soon to the Anime Community Otakus so if you wish to be updated asap then Follow my Japanese Anime Community Collection or asked to be tagged on my Otaku Tag List!
(I am using an old tag list and combined it with the Current tag list so the word can be spread around more but I will only use it this once BUT if you wish to stay on the Tag list Comment below to let me know xD)

Tagging! (Ask to be Removed or Added!)


Omg this feels like the grand magic games
@assasingod Waifu Wednesday's will always have a theme just like before and Sail or Fail Saturday's will be basically a different Ship each week and Im basically asking you guys if they Sailed (you agree with the ship) or Failed (you dont) and if they arent a Canon Ship do you think they would and why 😊
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@assasingod Aww thank you xD Haha that is very true my friend! I hope you enjoy it😊
i am in. there is still nuch i don't know so I will ask in the first picture that looks like one of the magi series. what i want to know is does the redhead end with the guy in the pic or someone else or do they leave it to your imagination?
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tag me in👍
Ok 😄
this is gonna be fun
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