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As you guys all know, I've been making Who's that Pokemon cards for about a Year now...ya its been that long, and now i'm the mod for the community!

What I would like to start doing is making fun cards for everyone and have daily themes going for the pokemon communtiy!

The first thing I'm starting to do is make cards of fan art people have made of Pokemon

(Click here to check it out)

For Daily Themes

So far i've only came up with 2 themes for what I want to do

Monday - *open*
Tuesday - *open*
Wednesday - Who's that Pokemon {WPW}
Thursday - *open*
Friday - Fun Fact Friday {FFF}

Here are some options you guys can pick from
Gotta Catch'em
Favortie Pokemon (or Generation)
Favorite Team (like Team Rocket or the people Ash is with)
Throw Back Thursday (Pokemon Theme)
Favorite Opening

You guys can also throw out your own suggestions if you like, you can comment below or privet message me

Pokemon Community!!

I would love to get to know what you guys think and what you guys would like to see in the community if theres certain cards you'd like to see than I'd like to hear them! again just message me on Vingle of your opinion and I'll be sure to look at them!

Thank you all so much for reading and I look forward to starting this very soon

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