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photo above is my results put together.
Gikwang’s birthday was tomorrow and I had no idea what I wanted to do for him. I had many choices to choose from. We either went hiking, horse riding, bowling, stay in for the day, or walk around the city at night. I did pros vs. cons on what to do and in the end, I choose bowling. The reason why I choose bowling was that it was something to do. Plus, we have done the stay in and the night in the city many times. The horse riding, we have done once, but we didn’t have time this year. Hiking was a no as I was a major klutz. He would be taking care of me more than enjoying the great outdoors on his birthday.
Once I figured out what I wanted to do for him I sent him a message telling him I was going to take him bowling and to dress casual. Gikwang had the tendency to take fashion to the extreme at times. He replied to me with a huge smiley face and a photo of what he was planning on wearing. It seemed like he was trying to get my approval on what to wear.
I gave him thumbs up in reply that I liked outfit. Of course, he replied asking what I was going to wear. I told him that he would have to wait. Gikwang and I have been best friends five years and he has been protective and has always had a say of what I wore. I told him that I was going to bed and that I would pick him up around two in the afternoon.

“Goodnight I’ll see you tomorrow.” He sent to me before I went to bed.
The next day I woke up and got ready for the day. My outfit was simple with a flower pattern tank that only cover half of my abdomen. Acid light blue jeans and a simple cardigan. I styled my hair to get those basic waves to complete the outfit. Since I had time I went to the store to gather the ingredients of what I needed to make tonight’s dinner. I even picked up a cake and Gikwang’s present. After I bought everything I drove back home to prep everything that way when I come back home I can just start cooking. I even got the cake ready to go by adding some strawberries on the top and a happy birthday at the same time. When I place the cake in the fridge I looked at the time and saw that I had five minutes to gather my things and pick Gikwang up. I sent him a text telling him I was on the way. He replied with a smiley face. Before I went to his place I stopped by a coffee shop and bought coffee for the both of us. He told me a few days ago, that he would have practice the night before his birthday. I’m sure the coffee will help him stay awake. I pulled up to his place and sent him a message saying I was here. A few minutes later he walked out and got in the car. I handed his coffee to him before I pulled back into the traffic.

“You know you are the best.” He told me placing his hand over mine. I blushed and gave him a smile in return.

“You ready to get your butt kicked in bowling?” I asked him.

“You wish. It is my birthday so I should win.”

“Will see birthday boy.” He laughed and I laughed with him. We spoke here and there with him commenting on my outfit. He told me that he liked it but wasn’t sure with my tank top. I told him not worry and that I would keep my cardigan on. He didn’t reply and I assumed he either didn’t believe me or he gave up. When we arrived at the bowling alley he ended up paying for one game along with the shoe rental. I told him that I was going to pay but he told me that a girl shouldn’t pay for a guy. I told him it was his birthday and that I was my treat.

“It wouldn’t sit right if you paid though.” He kept telling me when we went to our lane and put the rental shoes on.

“Oppa I wished you would have let me pay.” I told him but it sounded like a whine. Before I knew when I looked up his face was right in front of mine. Really close to mine.

“You won’t let this go, will you?” He whispered to me. I didn’t say anything. I felt like I lost my will to speak. He just smiled and started to type in our names into the computer. I looked up to see that he put my name as ‘shorty’ and his ‘Kikwangie’.

“Why does your name stay the same but mine has to be ‘shorty’?” I asked him. He just shrugged and hit enter before I could change it. He went to look for a bowling ball and I did the same. He started bowling by the time I came back. The first two frames he was winning and he was teasing me. I told him that I was just warming up. Which was true when we both were tied in the end. On the last frame, he got two strikes in a row and was gearing up for a third. I was at the point on letting him win and sure enough he did when he got that third strike. I went up for my last frame and gave it my all.
When the game was over we left, and headed back to my place. Gikwang ended up driving back and spoke how happy he was that he won. He even shared on how hungry was. I told him that I was trying a new recipe and showed him a photo of what it looked like. He was happy and couldn’t wait to try it. As soon as we arrive back to my place I went straight to work on dinner. Gikwang walked around and looked at my stuff. I watched as I cooked realizing that it has been awhile since he was last here. I didn’t say anything and continued to cook.

Once I was done we sat at the island in my kitchen and ate in silence. We spoke little while we ate and had a few glasses of wine. He complemented me on how good the dish was and would love to have me make this for him every day in the future. I blushed think that he just confessed to me, but I wasn’t sure. When we finished eating, Gikwang helped me clean up before retreating to the living room with the bottle of wine.

I followed him with the cake and his gift. I lit the candles and started singing happy birthday. I was glad that I had some wine in me because I would have never sung in front of him sober. He smiled and blew out the candles.

“Happy Birthday Kikwangie.” I said to with a smile while I handed him his gift.

“Thank you so much for today. It meant a lot to me.” He told me while he was opening his gift. Within the box was a pair of red Adidas. He stood up and hugged me. “You know what else I want for my birthday?” He asked me still hugging me.

“What is that?” I asked half curious and half thinking that I should have given two instead of just one gift.

“I want you.” He pulled me away and leaned in to kiss me. I was surprised that he said that, but quickly recovered kissing him back. Things got heated really quick as things went from my living room to my bed room. When he closed my door, we go lost in the feeling that was between us and made it into a special night that we both would never forget.

When I woke up that next morning, my head was resting on his bard chest. I lightly traced his six-pack mesmerized by them. I was such in a trance that I didn’t noticed that he was awake watching me.

“I want to do this every day.” He said in a horsed voice pulling me out of my trance.

“Doing what?” I looked up at him placing my right elbow on the bed and putting my chin on the palm of my hand.

“Waking up to you every day.” He said to me and my gaze was locked with his sweet eyes. I smiled and kissed him. “Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me.”

Happy birthday Gikwangie!

I know that the day is almost over but i wanted to get this done before midnight. I hope you all enjoy!
wow im speechless . i love this!!!!
Oh my, I love this! It's so cute and such a great way to celebrate! Thank you for sharing this with us.
I liked this❤️❤️
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Yes, very worth it 😊😊