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I had so much fun this quarter and I'm looking forward to next quarter. I want to thank my mod supports for being there for me throughout all of this. And I'm sorry for not having all of you back again.

I've decided that for this next quarter, I'd try what the Astro mod team did and have 3 staff members so here is our line up.

Yongguk on Fridays
Himchan on Tuesdays
Covered by @xxGummybear92xx

Daehyun on Wednesdays
Zelo on Thursdays
Covered by me

Youngjae and Jongup both on Mondays
Covered by @ChaErica

Again I want to thank my supports for everything they've done. You guys have really influenced me to want to mod again. And though we won't be on the same team, I hope we have a good quarter together and I hope you all enjoy being mods in your individual communites as much as I love it here!!

If you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, let us know below!

Baby taglist:
@XxGummybear92xX Take care of Yonggukkie for me~ ^^
Definitely will do 😊
I'd like to be added to the tag list please~ Thank you~ 😊
Will do!